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Tualatin, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Tualatin, Oregon! 

About 20 minutes southwest of Portland sits Tualatin, Oregon, and its 27,000 or so inhabitants. What’s remarkable about Tualatin is that there are trails throughout the entire town. You can go from many local businesses directly into the beautiful parks here. In fact, there are over 200 acres of green spaces in Tualatin to enjoy! (We’ve even got a lake in the middle of town!)

One of the highest-rated towns in Oregon, Tualatin is in the Top 20 Best Portland Suburbs. (We’re #17!) Surrounding the city, you’ll find a world of exciting, engaging, and tasty things to do! To get a glimpse of them all, we suggest the Vineyard and Valley Tour. Great wine and beer await. Plus you can take a closer look at Tualatin, Oregon’s breathtaking natural beauty.

RV Parks in Tualatin, Oregon

If you’ve arrived in Tualatin with your RV, there’s a good chance you’ll need an RV Park. The good news is that Tualatin has two excellent RV Parks in and near the city. We’ve listed them below for you to make your search process more manageable.

Roamers Rest RV Park

Although small-ish, Roamers Rest is peaceful, dog-friendly, and has excellent online reviews. A big plus is that it also has access to several fantastic trails.

Pheasant Ridge RV Park

With an on-site market, pool, and many other amenities, Pheasant Ridge, is an inviting place to park your RV. It’s located in Wilsonville, about 7 miles south of Tualatin.

Tualatin, OR Storage Units From Northwest Self Storage

Northwest has two facilities of Tualatin, OR storage units that are safe, clean, and secure. Both are on the outskirts of town to the west. Below we have links to both locations and some restaurants and points of interest nearby.

1: 18270 SW Pacific Highway

Our first location is close to Roamers Rest RV Park (see above). If you've recently arrived in Tualatin and need something to eat, Casa Colima Mexican restaurant is down the street. Better still, Stickman Brewing Company is about half a mile away and serves yummy craft beer!

2: 19800 SW Cipole Road

All sorts of fantastic businesses surround our second location. Unfortunately, few of them are restaurants, so you'll need to head into Tualatin to get some grub. Since there are several excellent restaurants in town, it's an excellent suggestion.

Boat Storage in Tualatin, Oregon

Being this close to the Willamette River, it's no surprise that many people here own boats. If you're one of them and need boat storage in Tualatin, OR, you're in luck! You can store your boat and your gear at both of our Northwest self-storage locations in the city. The only thing we ask is that you please call ahead to check availability.

Welcome, Home to Tualatin, Oregon

With excellent public schools, outdoor activities, and nightlife, Tualatin is the perfect town. The weather is terrific, the nightlife is exciting, and the beer is wicked good. If you've recently moved in, welcome home! We’re confident that, once you've settled in, you'll be glad you came! All of us here at Northwest wish you the very best in your new Tualatin, Oregon home!