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Redmond, OR Self Storage Units

All About Redmond, Oregon

If breathing the fresh air in Central Oregon is on your bucket list, Redmond, OR, is the perfect home base. Redmond is a quaint American town with more fairs, festivals, and fun than you can imagine. This city also practically defines the term “great outdoors,” with magnificent natural scenery everywhere you look. Indeed, many people consider Redmond the birthplace of American sport climbing. (There are many fantastic opportunities to climb all over the place!) In short, Redmond, OR, is an inviting, attractive, and exciting place to live!

Northwest Storage Units in Redmond, Oregon

Northwest Self Storage offers 3 safe, secure, and clean self-storage facilities in Redmond, Oregon. Below we'll take a closer look at all three and some of the local businesses and attractions nearby.

1: 539 Maple Ave.

Our 1st and 2nd self-storage locations in Redmond, OR, are right in the thick of things! (They're also about a block apart, so very close together.) If you get hungry, you'll find a Panda Express and Pappy's Pizzeria. El Patron Mexican Kitchen and Bottoms Up Bar & Grill are also within a stone's throw. A Walmart Supercenter is right next door, and a Petco if you're traveling with your pets. About a half-mile away is a Home Depot and a Goodwill location if you need to donate before storing. 

2: 1401 Northwest 6th St.

(See Location #1.)

3: 3925 Southwest 25th Pl.

Our third self-storage location is on the south side of Redmond on the way to Bend, Oregon. If you’ll be storing things and traveling a lot, it's close to the Redmond Municipal Airport. There's a golf course nearby and the Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center. Head north about a mile, and you'll find a Safeway and Fred Meyer grocery store and Sam Johnson Park. Redmond Caves is also very close by.

What’s the Redmond, Oregon Population?

With a population hovering around 35,000, Redmond is a small city, no doubt. The median age is just under 35, making Redmond a young city. Remond is also a slightly more expensive place to live than many cities of this size. Housing prices are the cause, as they’re about 30% higher than the national average. However, many folks will tell you that the amenities here make up for some of the extra cost. (Spectacular snow-skiing and snowboarding all winter long? Hiking and mountain biking are more thrilling and spectacular than you’ve ever seen? Yes, please!)

What’s the Redmond, Oregon Weather Like?

Here’s the thing about the Redmond, Oregon weather; it’s better than you might realize. See, Redmond has very comfortable summer weather, with temperatures rarely above 85° degrees. And even better, that weather lasts from June through September and the humidity stays low the entire time. Yes, winter weather is quite cold in Redmond, but we're used to it, prepared for it, and enjoy it.

RV Storage in Redmond, Oregon

One of the very best ways to explore Oregon is in an RV. That way, you can stop anywhere you want and stay as long as you want. You won't have to search for a hotel or motel every couple of days, either. Plus, all your favorite things can go with you!

However, when it's time to end your adventure, and you need RV storage, Northwest Self Storage can help. All three of our self-storage locations in Redmond have RV storage availability. Every location also has an on-site manager and 24/7 video security for the highest safety and security measures. Getting in and out of one of our storage locations in Redmond, OR, is also very easy. We have extra-large front gates and plenty of space all around when driving in and out. But we do ask that you call ahead to check availability.

Welcome to Redmond, Oregon!

If you've just arrived in Redmond, and you're going to stay, welcome home! We think you'll find our city inviting, friendly and more than a little exciting. By the way, the craft beer scene in Redmond is off the hook! There are craft breweries all over the place and several excellent wineries also. (They make our long-ish, cold-ish winters a little bit more bearable and make summertime fantastic!) So welcome to Redmond, OR! We might be a smaller city, but we're proud to be one of the best in the United States! So make sure to secure a storage unit in Redmond, Oregon for all your things while you explore!