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Estacada, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Estacada, Oregon!

Estacada, Oregon, is a quintessentially American small town. With a population under 3000 souls, Estacada is a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of place. But you won’t want to blink because Estacada is a tranquil, safe, and inviting place to call home.

For example, lush forests rich with wildlife and adventure opportunities surround Estacada. This quaint town is situated at the base of Mt. Hood National Forest. This gorgeous forest is full of trails and wildlife that you won’t want to miss. Not to mention that the forest makes for great camping in Estacada, Oregon. And, the Clackamas River runs right past the town. The winding river means plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and relaxing on the water.

And check this out; Estacada, OR, is one of the largest Christmas tree producers in the United States! When the holidays roll around, finding the perfect tree will be easy! Last but not least, Estacada is only 35 miles from Portland, OR. So a quick car ride means all of Portland's excellent amenities and attractions too.

Estacada, OR Storage Units From Northwest

Northwest Self Storage offers Estacada, Oregon storage units available to the community for month-to-month rentals. Our location is on the outskirts of town to the north, just a bit past Timber Park. You won’t find any restaurants or places to sleep very close, to be sure. But, if you’re having car problems, Cascade Automotive Repair and Services is nearby to help. Cascade Towing and Automotive is down the street, too.

Head back into town, and you’ll find plenty of great places to eat and have a craft beer. For example, the Old Mill serves delicious local fare and tasty craft beer. Hitchin’ Post Pizza is close if you need a quick bite to eat. Plus Harvest Market Estacada has fresh local produce and Pepe's Tacos is nearby if you're looking for great Mexican food.

Need a few hours of shut-eye before traveling north for skiing and other adventures? There’s a Red Fox Motel nearby with nice, comfy beds. Plus, if you want to enjoy some fishing, Spring Creek and Estacada Lake are waiting nearby!

Is there Camping in Estacada, Oregon?

If you’re a big fan of camping, campfires, s’mores, and the whole camping scene, Estacada, OR, is perfect! We have campgrounds everywhere you look. Or you can go off-grid and head out into the Oregon wilderness. (With the right training and proper equipment, of course.) Some of the best campgrounds nearby include:

  • Roaring River Campground
  • Gone Creek Campground
  • Green Canyon Campground
  • Riverside Campground
  • Oak Fork Campground
  • Summit Lake Campground
  • Lost Creek Campground

As you can see, Estacada, OR, offers some sensational camping opportunities! Many camping enthusiasts and adventurers store their gear and camping supplies in a storage unit from Northwest. So do many folks who love Oregon’s outdoor life. With all the equipment and gear needed to explore Oregon, many people need extra storage space. For example, snowmobiles, skiing and snowboarding gear, kayaks and rafts, and all sorts of camping gear.

Welcome to Estacada, Oregon’s Small-Town Gem

If you’ve just moved to Estacada, welcome home! We’re sure you’re going to love living here. The people, weather, and community spirit are some of the best reasons to live here, along with Estacada’s breathtaking natural beauty. Northwest Self Storage wishes everyone a fantastic day in Estacada, Oregon’s Christmas tree capital!