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Scappoose, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Scappoose, Oregon!

In the heart of Oregon’s Pacific wonderland sits the town of Scappoose. It is a charming and scenic Oregon town. Scappoose is surrounded by dense, lush forests and straddling the mighty Columbia River. And Portland is about 22 miles to the southeast, making Scappoose part of the Portland metro area.

Also, Scappoose is a key stopover for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway. But that’s not the only thing about our town that’s notable. For example, Scappoose High School is a sports powerhouse in Oregon. Two Scappoose High School graduates played with the Carolina Panthers in the 2015 Super Bowl!

Northwest Self Storage Locations in Scappoose

Northwest has two clean, safe, and secure self-storage centers in Scappoose, OR. Here is some information about these two locations and links to the facility pages!

1: 53365 Columbia River Hwy.

Our first location is close to North Scappoose Creek for some excellent fishing. But, there aren’t a lot of places to eat, drink or sleep out this way. For that, we recommend taking 30W and coming into town.

2: 33484 Northeast Crown Zellerbach Logging Rd.

Our second Self Storage location in Scappoose, Oregon, is very close to the first. But, like that one, there's not a lot nearby. So, heading back into Scappoose is your best option for excellent food, drinks, and lodging.

Scappoose, Oregon RV Storage

Both Northwest Self Storage centers offer Scappoose, Oregon RV Storage. Depending on your RV and what you need, we have indoor, outdoor, and covered RV storage in Scappoose. Both locations have extra-large front gates to make driving in and out easy. Plus, 24/7 video cameras and an on-site manager for outstanding security. We do ask, however, that you call ahead to check availability. You can also drop by our two Scappoose, Oregon, self-storage locations. The onsite manager will be happy to tell you about the Scappoose, Oregon storage options available to you.

Directions to Scappoose, Oregon from Portland

If you're in Portland and wish to visit Scappoose, Oregon, we’ve got some simple directions for you. First, take SW Main Street and SW 14th Avenue out of Portland to Route I-405 North. Then, stay on I-405 for just over one mile until you get to US 30 West. Next, stay on US 30 West for about 20 miles and, before you know it, you'll be in Scappoose! The trip from Portland to Scappoose takes about 30 minutes with traffic. The journey is enjoyable as you pass through Burlington, Holbrook, and beautiful scenery.

What’s the Population of Scappoose, Oregon?

As small as the population of Scappoose, Oregon is (less than 7,700 people), we've grown a lot since 2020. Indeed, our population has surged 9% since then. Stunning natural beauty, great local wines, and hand-crafted beer are a big draw!

Welcome, Home to Scappoose!

If you've just moved to Scappoose, we wish you a hearty Oregon welcome! We're sure that, once you're settled in, you'll find our town very welcoming, charming, and unique. Your neighbor Northwest is here in town if you need help storing your stuff. Until then, sip a handcrafted beer while you relax and enjoy your new town, Scappoose, Oregon!