Moving Supplies & Truck Rentals


As storage specialists for over 30 years, we know how tough it is to move – no matter if it’s a one-bedroom apartment, a five-bedroom house or a 200-employee office. That’s where we shine through; helping you figure it all out, not in one weekend, not even in one month, but in your own time.

Most of our locations have all the tools you need to get through it, from start to finish:

Moving Boxes

Small moving boxes – 1.5 cubic feet   
Medium moving boxes – 3.0 cubic feet   
Large moving boxes – 4.5 cubic feet   
Wardrobe boxes

Additional packing materials include:

Tape/Rope, Labels/Markers, Foam/Bubble Wrap, Scissors, Box cutters & Gloves


Disc locks: These stainless-steel disc locks are ideal for securing your space, not to mention they’re designed specifically for storage units

Cylinder locks: These chrome-plated solid brass cylinder locks provide extra security for your storage unit.

Moving Carts

Save on trips to your car by using our free flatbed carts to move multiple items in and out of your storage unit at once. 

Truck Rental

Packing and storing your things is only half the battle when you’re moving or reorganizing spaces at work or at home. Sometimes you need to figure out how to get your stuff from one place to another. That’s why we’ve partnered with U-Haul at a growing list of our locations. Whether you need a big truck to move across the country, or a small van to haul things across town, we’ve got options.