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Corvallis, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Corvallis, Oregon!

What do you get when you mix higher education, free transportation, culture, history, outdoor adventures, and award-winning beer? You get Corvallis, Oregon! One of the state’s most beloved and revered cities! The name Corvallis means Heart of the Valley. That's appropriate considering we’re in the heart of the phenomenal Willamette Valley. From Corvallis, you can either get to Portland, world-class skiing, or the beach and all in under 90 minutes!

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University, a respected research school. And the home of Benny the Beaver! The city has a population of 59,000 and provides free public transportation for everyone. Corvallis is full of beautifully tree-lined streets. And there are thousands of acres of unspoiled beauty outside the city. You’ll also discover some of the best mountain biking on the west coast, along with hiking trails galore.

However, Corvallis, Oregon, doesn’t stop there! We’re known for having some of the best soil in the world for making wine. As a result, there are many gorgeous vineyards. Our breweries in Corvallis are world-class and have won awards left and right. Part of Portland, Oregon’s beloved Beervana, beer enthusiasts come from all over to soak up our local suds.

The sheer beauty of the Oregon countryside is one of the biggest draws for most folks. Take, for example, the McDonald and Dunn Research Forests. They offer over 11,000 acres of opportunities to hike, bike, and go horseback riding just north of the city. Oregon State University uses it for instruction and research. Both forests are free of charge to the public. And you’ll find the Peavy Arboretum and the Forest Discovery Trail here too. You can explore the 1.5 miles of stunning natural beauty!

Weather in Corvallis, Oregon

As for the weather in Corvallis, Oregon, most people who move here are pleasantly surprised by it. Yes, winter can be a bit long, cold, and wet. (We are in Oregon, after all.) Summertime in Corvallis, though, is practically perfect. The temperature rarely goes above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As for humidity, it's almost nonexistent. Corvallis has a comfort index of 9.2 out of 10 in summer, about as good as it gets in Oregon.

Thanks to the winding Willamette River, you can enjoy boating and fishing in Corvallis. Indeed, the river runs the length of Corvallis’ eastern side. This offers excellent opportunities for all sorts of exciting water sports. One thing to note is that the closer you get to the river, the better the bars and pubs are. Treebeard's Taphouse is there, along with The Brass Monkey and local favorite, Beerhaus. Sky High Brewing & Pub and Kingfish Lounge are close to the river also, plus Block 15 Brewing Co.

Corvallis, Oregon Storage Units by Northwest Self Storage

You'll find one Northwest Self Storage location for your Corvallis, Oregon storage unit needs. Our Corvallis self-storage facility has clean, secure, and safe storage units like our other Oregon locations. It's located at 505 Buchanan Avenue, very close to Corvallis High School, one of the best in the state.

If you've just arrived in town, there's a Days Inn within walking distance. There's also a Taco Time if you’re feeling peckish; otherwise, not much else in the way of food. For that, we recommend the riverfront, where you’ll find excellent restaurants, taprooms, and coffee houses.

By the way, if you own a boat, Northwest has boat storage in Corvallis, Oregon, that's also safe and secure. Even better, our location is very close to the Willamette River. That makes it convenient to take your boat out for a day of fishing and boating. If you've arrived in Corvallis with your RV, we store those also! The only thing we ask is that you call ahead to check availability, please.

One last thing worth mentioning is that our Corvallis, Oregon storage units are very close to OSU. If you're a student looking to take a semester off and travel or study abroad, it's perfect. Many students store their stuff with us because we only have month-to-month leases. (It means they won't have to worry about getting stuck in a long-term contract.)

Welcome Home to Corvallis, Oregon!

If you've just arrived in Corvallis with plans to stay for a spell, welcome! We're sure you'll find our city to be welcoming, exciting, and full of adventure. If you need help storing your things, Northwest provides Corvallis, Oregon self-storage is here in town. Until then, head down to the riverfront and order a delicious handcrafted local beer. So take a sip, look around, and know you're in one of the best towns in America, Corvallis, Oregon!