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Springfield, OR Self Storage Units


Welcome to Springfield, Oregon!

This is the rumored inspiration for that Springfield. You know, the one where the yellow family, the Simpsons, have resided for over 30 years. Whether that’s true or not, the Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening, won’t say. But, we can say for sure that Springfield, OR, is a fantastic place to live!

Springfield is the gateway to the adventures of Oregon’s fantastic outdoors. Both the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers are here to enjoy. And boating is a favorite pastime for many in Springfield. The local farms and wineries here also earned a reputation for world-class cuisine. But, of course, if you like to make your own meals, the Springfield Farmers Market will be your fave location in town. Open all year; it’s filled with produce, cheese, wine, and more, all grown and made locally.

Now, here’s the thing; Springfield, Oregon, is often lumped in with Eugene, our next-door neighbor. While Eugene is nice, Springfield has so much to offer too. For instance, the 100 Mile Bakery uses local ingredients to create mouthwatering baked goods. Then there’s Plank Town Brewing Company, where the beers are locally crafted. Not to mention the ambiance is as chill as it gets!

If you’re looking to spend time on the water, head over to Lowell State Recreation Site. Boating, fishing, sailing, you name it, you can do it all here. Even better, Springfield gets fantastic summer weather for all your outdoor activities. (You can also safely store your boat in Springfield, OR, with Northwest Self Storage.)

Northwest's Springfield, Oregon Storage Units

Northwest has one self-storage location in Springfield, OR. It's at 2656 Olympic Street. This location is close to Jerry's Home Improvement Center and Springfield's Walmart Supercenter. Several fast-food restaurants are close, but head into Springfield for fine dining and libations. Also, if you've just arrived and the kids are stir-crazy, Splash! Lively Park is about 10 minutes away. Also, WinCo Foods and Fred Meyer are close if you need groceries. These Springfield, Oregon storage units are perfect for storing furniture, camping gear, and many other things!

Cheap Storage Units in Springfield, Oregon

Northwest has very affordable prices on Springfield, Oregon storage units. Our self-storage location at 599 Highway 99 North in Eugene, Oregon, has the cheapest units. For example, a 5x5 storage unit starts at $57 a month, and you can reserve it for free online. (The same 5x5 storage units in Springfield, OR, are $74 a month,  which is still quite reasonable.)

Welcome, Home to Springfield, Oregon

Inspiration for The Simpsons or not, you'll find that Springfield, Oregon is beautiful and inviting. Unlike our TV counterpart, there's no giant tire fire in town or leaking nuclear power plant. (Sorry, Mr. Burns!) Instead, we have beautiful countryside, delicious, locally-grown foods, and plenty of fresh air! If you've just arrived and plan to stay, welcome home! You're sure to find that Springfield, Oregon, is a friendly, inviting place to live.