What is it Like to Live in St. Helens, OR

Downtown St. Helens Historic Building with American Flag

Located in the Pacific Northwest, St. Helens, Oregon, is a small town with a big heart and a rich history. Known for its vibrant community spirit, closeness to Portland, and claim to fame as the filming location for the movie “Halloweentown”. St. Helens offers a unique living and working experience. St. Helens is a beautiful … Read more

Top Tips and Hacks for How to Store Wood and Leather Furniture

leather furniture in room with plants

For many Americans, the furniture they purchase to decorate their homes represents a substantial investment. That’s especially true of fine furniture created using wood and leather, which is expensive and relatively fragile. If you need to store wood and leather-clad furniture, storing it correctly is critical so that, after storage, it’s still in excellent condition. … Read more

NSA Storage and Feeding America Join Together for the Holidays

Senior citizen at a food donation area with mask on

Food brings people together, especially during the holidays. In a few weeks, many of us will gather with our families to enjoy a special meal. But as we gather around a table loaded with our favorite holiday foods, we know that it isn’t just about food–it’s about shared joy, gratitude, generosity and community.  Food nourishes … Read more

How to Build a Library in Your Home

library in home with plants and grey chair

Looking to transform that extra room in your home into a literary haven? Amid the excitement of upcoming events like Portland’s renowned Wordstock literary festival and the much-anticipated Book Lover’s Day, there’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in the world of books. Known for its rich literary traditions such as the celebrated … Read more

How to See Portland in One Day

city of portland at night on river

Portland, Oregon, is an incredibly vibrant, interesting, and exciting city with much to offer. There’s so much to see and do in the City of Roses (Portland’s catchy nickname) that seeing everything in 1 day is almost impossible. However, if you’re going to pass through Portland or make a 1-day trip to check out the … Read more

Differences Between Living in Eugene, OR, vs. Portland, OR

oregon city with trees in mountain during the day

While many people have heard of Portland, Oregon, a town affectionately nicknamed “The City of Roses,” fewer have heard of Eugene, Oregon. Both cities are relatively large, although one is much bigger than the other. There are a lot of other significant differences between Eugene and Portland, also. If you’re considering moving to this lovely … Read more

Comprehensive Moving Guide to Tacoma, Washington

city with mountain in the background white snow on mountian, blue sky

Tacoma, Washington, is a vibrant city and home to a wide variety of creative people, including writers, musicians, photographers, and entrepreneurs of every stripe. If you’re moving to Tacoma, WA, and need detailed information about this phenomenal city, the information below will be just what you’re looking for! It’s a comprehensive moving guide to Tacoma, … Read more

Storage For Music Lovers

young woman sitting next to record player

You always know who’s headlining at the Aladdin. The crew at Beacon Sound greets you by name. You collect vintage vinyl and sometimes even play local gigs. You’re a music lover living the good life, but you can always use a little more space here in Portland, OR. If you’re looking for how to store … Read more