Top Tips on How to Store Delicate Décor

Décor on a white table

Some things are easier than others when storing your stuff. For example, storing books, everyday clothes, linens, toys, and other items is relatively easy as they aren’t fragile. In most cases, you can just toss them in a box, tape it up, and you’re done! Storing acceptable items, however, is a different story, especially delicate … Read more

Top Tips and Hacks for How to Store Wood and Leather Furniture

leather furniture in room with plants

For many Americans, the furniture they purchase to decorate their homes represents a substantial investment. That’s especially true of fine furniture created using wood and leather, which is expensive and relatively fragile. If you need to store wood and leather-clad furniture, storing it correctly is critical so that, after storage, it’s still in excellent condition. … Read more

Comprehensive Moving Guide to Tacoma, Washington

city with mountain in the background white snow on mountian, blue sky

Tacoma, Washington, is a vibrant city and home to a wide variety of creative people, including writers, musicians, photographers, and entrepreneurs of every stripe. If you’re moving to Tacoma, WA, and need detailed information about this phenomenal city, the information below will be just what you’re looking for! It’s a comprehensive moving guide to Tacoma, … Read more

How to Store a Mattress: Tips and Tricks

person putting a mattress cover over a mattress

When storing household goods, you must prepare some items well. Delicate crystal stemware, for example, must be packed correctly in double corrugated boxes to get the best protection. Other items, including mirrors, collectibles, flat-screen TVs, and more, must also be packed well to survive the rigors of being moved and stored.   One item that should … Read more