Pros and Cons of Living in Corvallis, Oregon

Pros and Cons of Living in Corvallis Oregon

Safe, green, and quaint are the three words people use to describe Corvallis, OR, the most. Corvallis is the perfect city for avid bike riders and environmentalists. With bike lanes on almost every road! Corvallis, OR, is also one of America’s smartest towns, thanks in large part to Oregon State University. This is a quirky … Read more

Best Tips and Hacks for How to Organize a Storage Unit

How to organize a storage unit

Across America, when people need to store their stuff, they choose a self-storage center to do it. Self-storage centers offer storage units similar to a garage, even down to the garage-type doors. They also offer different sizes and types, like temperature-controlled and drive-up storage units. Whatever size or type of unit you need, one thing can … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Eugene, Oregon

Moving to Eugene, Oregon

Moving to Eugene, Oregon sometime soon? If yes, you’re probably wondering what your new city is like, including the weather, attractions, sports, and more. Knowing what Eugene is like before you arrive can help you prepare and keep culture shocks to a minimum. To help you do that, we’ve got everything you need to know … Read more

Useful Tips and Advice for Moving to Vancouver, Washington

Moving to Vancouver, Washington? If so, great news! Vancouver was recently voted one of the Top 100 Places to live in the United States! One big reason is the weather, especially in summer. Plenty of jobs, fun nightlife, and good public schools make Vancouver desirable. The wide variety of outdoor activities makes living in this … Read more

Moving to Portland, Oregon Pros & Cons

pros and cons of moving to portland oregon

One of the most vibrant cities in the Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon, is known for its breathtaking forests. It’s also an artistic haven, with massive murals creating eye-catching colors around the city. The food scene here is one of the best in the U.S., and Portland offers four diverse seasons. It’s also a laid-back, friendly … Read more

Which White Wines Are Dry? | The Ultimate Guide to White Wine

Walking into a liquor or wine store can be daunting when looking for a flavorful, full-bodied white wine. The thing is, there are so many types of white wines to choose from. Some white wines are ‘dry’ while others are ‘sweet,’ but there are many distinct differences in between. Some are lower in acidity and … Read more