Pros and Cons of Living in Forest Grove, OR

Forest Grove, Oregon, is a vibrant college town with just over 21,000 full-time residents located at the base of Tillamook State Forrest. This is small-town Oregon living at its best, with a charming, laid-back atmosphere, plenty of history, and some of the best wines in the Northwest.

If you’re moving to Forest Grove or attending Pacific University (Go Boxers!), the information below will be perfect! It’s the Pros and Cons of living in Forest Grove, brought to you by the self storage experts at Northwest Self Storage! Read on to discover what’s great, good, and not-so-good about Forest Grove before you arrive below!

Pros and Cons of Living in Forest Grove, OR

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  • The summertime weather in Forest Grove is almost perfect.
  • The unemployment in Forest Grove rate is low.
  • There are many opportunities for outdoor sports, adventure, and excitement.
  • Forest Grove is a hotbed of wine and beer production.
  • Commute times are much lower than in many other U.S. towns.
  • The crime rates aren’t perfect, but they are tolerable.
  • Forest Grove is a small town with all the perks of small-town life.
  • There is a high level of diversity in Forest Grove.
  • Healthcare in Forest Grove is about 10% lower than average.


  • The cost of living is about 21% higher than the U.S. average.
  • Housing, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses in Forest Grove are exceptionally high.
  • The Forest Grove school system is only slightly better than average.
  • Winter weather in Forest Grove can be bitterly cold.

What’s It Like Living in Forest Grove, OR?

Small-town life in the United States doesn’t get much better than in Forest Grove, Oregon! Add that to the fact that it’s a college town with lots of young, energetic folks, and you get a place to live that’s peaceful yet exciting, laid-back yet energetic, and safe enough for kids to play outside without fear.

Forest Grove has sufficient green spaces and an adorable, pleasant, inviting downtown area. Outside of town, however, is where the fun gets going! The verdant forests surrounding Forest Grove are perfect for outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to mountain biking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and more.

Forest Grove is also known for its splendid wineries and craft breweries and for being a great town for foodies. While you won’t find many restaurants, those you do get in Forest Grove are all worth their weight in gold. Lastly, Portland (Beervana!) is only 45 minutes away for big-city adventures, culture, and shopping!

What is Forest Grove, OR, Known For?

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Forest Grove is known for being the true embodiment of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle. It’s close to the Pacific if you need to get some beach time and is surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills closer to home. More than anything, however, Forest Grove is known as a destination for wine lovers, with gorgeous wineries dotting the rural landscape. 

Forest Grove is also known for its public art displays, including several beautiful murals and sculptures. Last but certainly not least, the tree-lined streets of Forest Grove with immaculately kept front yards are a big draw to the town and a reminder that small towns still exist in the United States.

Quick Facts about Forest Grove, OR

The Weather

Warm, sunny days, pleasant nights, and low humidity are the hallmarks of summer in Forest Grove. Here in the Northwest, however, you’ll get plenty of cold weather and snow in winter, which can sometimes seem to drag on forever.

The Cost of Living

The cost of living in Forest Grove isn’t significantly higher than similar American towns but is still 21% higher. Transportation and miscellaneous costs are 2 of the reasons. The third is real estate and housing costs, as we’ll see next.

Real Estate Prices

There’s no way to get around the high real estate prices in Forest Grove. How high? Nearly 60% higher than similar towns and cities in the U.S., which is significant. The median home cost is just over $500,000, almost $200,000 more than the American average. However, renting an apartment is about average.

The Public School System

The best way to answer the question of the state of public schools in Forest Grove is to point out that Niche’s highest-rated school only gets a B grade. Forest Grove High School, for example (the only high school in town), also gets a B.

Recreation Opportunities

Biking through old-growth forests? Birdwatching in a national wildlife refuge? Rock climbing, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and snowboarding within minutes of town? Yes, please! Forest Hills offers all of this and so much more!

The Top 7 Neighborhoods in Forest Grove, OR

Forest Grove is a tiny town with only a handful of communities. All of them are well worth looking at before choosing your new home or apartment. The Top 7 neighborhoods here include the following but remember that practically every neighborhood in Forest Grove is clean, attractive, safe, and inviting.

  1. Wilkesboro
  2. Dilley
  3. Historic Downtown
  4. Carnation
  5. Walker-Naylor District
  6. Forest Grove East
  7. Gales Creek

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