NWSS Sponsors Project Lemonade’s Foster the Future Campaign

Local Organization Supports Oregon’s Foster Youth May is National Foster Care Month, and Oregon’s foster youth need the support of their communities now more than ever. That’s why Northwest Self Storage is proud to be a sponsor of Project Lemonade’s Foster the Future fundraising campaign. Project Lemonade is a Portland-based nonprofit that’s on a mission … Read more

Meeting Your Storage Needs From a Distance

NWSS Introduces Online Storage Rentals at all Locations We miss seeing you around, but we need our space. With the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding in disruptive and unpredictable ways, it’s beginning to look like we’ll be doing this physical distancing thing for a while.  You might be stuck indoors for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t … Read more

Spring Cleaning for the Socially Distanced

Spring has sprung, but the world feels a little different this year. That means for many of us, spring cleaning has also sprung a little early. After all, you can only do so many thousand-piece puzzles and have so many virtual happy hours before you start going stir-crazy. One of the best things you can … Read more

I’m Not a Hoarder


Let’s be honest with ourselves here: We’re all hoarders at heart. The difference, of course, lies in what items we all choose to lug around, collect, and store. Fear not, hoarders: Northwest Self Storage will never judge you for your hoarding tendencies. Quite the opposite, actually. Need a safe place to stash your collectibles? Come … Read more

A Wannabe Minimalist’s Guide to Simple Living


How to lessen the burden of things The walls of your adequately-sized-yet-somehow-cluttered home are caving in on you. You’re tired of completing one organization task, only to have three more spring up in the process. One annual spring clean is simply not enough. It’s a new year and you’re ready to say bon voyage to … Read more

12 Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Storage Unit

You have questions, we have answers. We get it. Finding a place to store your stuff easily, safely, and confidently can be stressful. Before you commit to a storage unit, make sure you get answers to these questions. Question #1: Are there any additional fees besides my rent when I move in? Answer: Most storage … Read more

Accessorizing Your Storage Unit: Organization for the Organizationally Challenged

There are two types of people in this world: Those who clean and those who hide their messes from out of plain view. Both kinds of people can benefit from a storage unit, but only one will truly prosper. Do you associate yourself with the latter camp? Fear not, for the Type A personalities among … Read more

Find Your Ideal Self-Storage Solution

Self storage isn’t rocket science, but it does require some thoughtful planning. Use this comprehensive guide to find the right storage solution for your needs. Why are you here? You’re considering a self-storage unit and could use some help navigating your options. Or you’ve already got a storage unit but could use some advice on … Read more

5 Gorge Hikes and Brewery Pairings

The warm days of summer have dwindled, making way for autumn’s damp and chilly bite. And while that may spell the end of hiking season for some, a true Pacific Northwesterner knows that nature’s splendor is equally as vibrant in the fall. So pack a jacket, swap your hiking sandals for hiking boots, and make … Read more