How to Build a Library in Your Home

Looking to transform that extra room in your home into a literary haven? Amid the excitement of upcoming events like Portland’s renowned Wordstock literary festival and the much-anticipated Book Lover’s Day, there’s never been a better time to immerse yourself in the world of books. Known for its rich literary traditions such as the celebrated Novel Writing Month, our region is a beacon for book lovers.

Dive deep into that passion, and let’s turn that spare space into a personal library. With the expertise of Northwest Self Storage to guide you, creating your dream literary haven has never been easier. Read below to get started on how to build a library in your very own home!

Step 1: Pick Your Room

Finding the ideal room for your home library is the first step. First, make sure to choose a room that experiences low traffic and offers a peaceful atmosphere. Keep in mind, certain rooms in the house might be more exposed to temperature fluctuations or elements that are harmful to books.

It’s essential to select a room with a regulated temperature and free from moisture exposure. When thinking about room layout, consider windows. While they can brighten up a space, they might also take away valuable wall space intended for shelving or let in UV rays that fade book covers.

Finally, having one or two windows can enhance the atmosphere, but ensure you have at least one full wall (with no doors or windows breaking it up). And, don’t forget to add curtains to your windows for daytime use, balancing practicality with the room’s aesthetic.

Step 2: Clear Your Clutter

woman sitting in at home library with laptop and books

After selecting the perfect room, it’s essential to dive right into the next phase: preparing it for transformation. Most likely, the space wasn’t sitting idle; old furniture and miscellaneous items might be taking up essential space. Start by sorting through the clutter, making decisions about which items to keep, discard, or store elsewhere.

As you assess your belongings, you’ll find that everyday items should retain their spot in your home. On the other hand, items that are broken, damaged, or simply outdated can be discarded. For items that still have life in them but no longer serve you, consider donating or selling.

Lastly, for those belongings that you don’t frequently use or haven’t touched in a while, a nearby storage unit is a practical solution. Northwest Self Storage offers the perfect spot for items you aren’t ready to part with. Plus, their climate-controlled options ensure that your possessions remain safe from the moist Oregon air.

Step 3: Ergonomic Reading Spaces

Comfort is crucial for those marathon reading sessions. Investing in ergonomically designed chairs or loungers can make a world of difference. Lumbar pillows, adjustable recliners, or even hammock chairs can provide the support your body needs. Remember, the more comfortable you are, the longer you can dive into those pages without interruptions.

Additional Tip: Add Plants

Plants can bring a calming energy to your library. Depending on the room’s light conditions, you can choose plants that thrive in those settings. For spaces with indirect light, snake plants or pothos are ideal. If you have a bright spot, consider a fiddle leaf fig or a rubber plant. Besides aesthetics, plants improve air quality and can even boost your mood and concentration. If you’re feeling adventurous, add a small plant on a bookshelf corner or a hanging plant for a touch of greenery from above.

Step 4: Plan Your Theme

at home library with brown chair and plants and books

With the space cleared and ready to be filled with books, now is the perfect time to pick a theme and feel for your room. Consider this a blank canvas, ready for you to put your personality into it. Do you want a world traveler’s study? Are you planning for a comfy recliner, or do you prefer piles of pillows for seating? This is the time to make it your own. Once you’ve chosen a theme you can start gathering the items that fit it best, including shelves.

Additional Tip: Seasonal Decor

Just like seasons change, giving your library a slight decorative change can keep the atmosphere fresh. Whether it’s autumnal leaves in fall or light, breezy curtains in summer, let the decor reflect the season.

Step 5: Set Up “Shop”

Now that you have your space and your furniture ready, it’s time to put it all together. Feel free to lay out a plan for your furniture before you move it in, or play around with the set up if that’s more your style. Use wall shelving to make the most of your vertical space, and lone standing shelves for a classic library feel. Pick lighting that is warm for comfortable hours of reading. Organize your books with a system that makes the most sense to you, whether that be by author or genre.

Additional Tip: Incorporate Personal Touches

While the primary focus is on the books, your personal library should also reflect your individual tastes and memories. Consider incorporating personal memorabilia or cherished artifacts on some shelves. Framed photographs, souvenirs from travels, or handcrafted trinkets can serve as bookmarks in the story of your life. They not only add a touch of personality but also create conversation starters for when you have guests over.

Step 6: Leave Room for Growth

laptop sitting on desk with bookshelf with brown and blue colors

Don’t feel compelled to fill every shelf immediately or match your shelving to your current book count. As a passionate reader, it’s a given that your collection will continue to grow. Therefore, it’s prudent to plan for this and ensure there’s always some free space. Perhaps you can even reserve a special shelf for new acquisitions that are next in line to be read.

In the heart of Oregon, where literary passion runs deep, there’s a vast community that treasures the written word. And while we, as a state, come alive with numerous events that celebrate bibliophiles, the joy of cultivating your very own reading retreat is unbeatable. It’s not just about celebrating your love for books occasionally; it’s about embracing it daily within the coziness of our own homes. As your collection grows and space becomes limited, remember that Northwest Self Storage is here to help! With storage facilities spread all throughout Oregon and Washington, our storage units are sure to be convenient. Call or book online to reserve a storage unit today!

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