Step By Step Instructions on How to Make a Lemonade Stand

Harkening to simpler times, lemonade stands are as American as baseball, apple pie, and muscle cars. Today the lemonade stand tradition continues in towns and cities all across the country. Young entrepreneurs sell this delicious, refreshing drink and learn many great life lessons as they do. If you’re one of those young go-getters (or a parent) and want to sell some tasty lemonade, great news! We’ve got step-by-step instructions on how to make a lemonade stand below! So gather up your tools, grab your protective eyewear, and read on! 

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

Tools Needed to Make your Lemonade Stand

  • Electric drill
  • Phillips-head screwdriver bit
  • ⅛” Wood drill bit
  • Measuring tape
  • Drop cloth
  • 1 Quart High-gloss paint (Your choice of color)
  • Paintbrush
  • Drop cloth

Materials Needed to Make your Lemonade Stand

  • 12” x 18” Wooden Crates x4
  • 3’ x 11 ¼ Pine Board x2
  • 5’ x ½” Wood Dowel x2
  • Pipe Clamp ½” x6
  • 1” wood screws x1 small box
  • ¾” wood screws x1 small box
  • ⅛” thick cord or 3’ long banner of your choice. (Banner should be a few inches longer than 3’ so you can attach it to your lemonade stand on both sides.)
  • 4 Casters (Optional)

Step 1- Paint the Wooden Crates

Lay your drop cloth in an area where you have room to move around. Open your can of paint and, using your paintbrush, carefully paint all 4 wooden crates. When finished, sit the crates aside to let them dry thoroughly. You can do this one of two ways:

  1. Paint the exterior and interior of the crate.
  2. Paint just the exterior of the crates, leaving the insides “natural.”

TIP: Use 2 paint colors and paint 2 wooden crates, one color, and the other two the 2nd color. Then, set them up in a criss-cross pattern when you attach them. Two colors will make your lemonade stand more attractive to customers!

Step 2- Attach the Wooden Crates to the Pine Boards

Lay 1 of your 2 pine boards on a flat, level surface or workbench. Line the 2 crates up, so they fit perfectly on top of the board. Using several 1” screws, attach the 2 crates to the board. Repeat this process with the 2nd pine board and the remaining 2 wooden crates. You should now have 2 identical boards with 2 wooden crates screwed onto them firmly.

Step 3- Attach Both Board/Wooden Crate Halves Together

Take one of your board/crate halves, turn it over, and place it on top of the other board/crate half. (Crate side to crate side.) Line both halves up perfectly on the sides, front and back. Make sure you do this on a flat, level surface so that, when finished, your lemonade stand base is as square and level as possible. Then, using several ¾” wood screws, attach both halves. 

TIP: Depending on the width of your wooden crates, the screws might protrude out one side. If this happens, stop and get some ⅝” wood screws instead. Protruding screws can be a risk for cuts and scratches.

Step 4- Attach the Pipe Clamps to the Lemonade Stand Base 

Using some ¾” wood screws, attach the pipe clamps to the lemonade stand base. Using your measuring tape, measure and mark 2 inches from the bottom and 2 inches from the front. Next, measure and mark 2 inches down from the top and 2 inches from the front and make another mark. Lastly, using your measuring tape, measure and mark a 3rd spot between the top and bottom marks. Do this on both sides of the lemonade stand, and then use those marks to attach the pipe clamps using as many ¾” wood screws as needed. (Don’t screw them in completely until you attach the dowels.)

Step 5- Drill 2 Holes in Both Wooden Dowels

Use your measuring tape to make a mark 2 inches down from the top on both wooden dowels. Next, place each dowel, one at a time, on a flat, level surface. (If you can clamp them in place on a workbench, that would be ideal.) Once ready, carefully drill a hole through each dowel’s center using the ⅛” wood drill bit.

Step 6- Insert a ¾” wood screw Into the Hole in each Dowel

Drill two ¾” wood screws, one each, into the holes you just drilled in the wooden dowels. DO NOT DRILL THEM IN COMPLETELY. You want to leave about ¼” of the wood screw protruding from the dowel. You will attach your cord to each side to hang your lemonade stand banner. 

Step 7- Attach the Wooden Dowels to the Lemonade Stand

Using the 6 pipe clamps, attach the 2 wooden dowels to your lemonade stand, one on each side. Make sure the wood screw in the dowels is at the top so that you can use them to hang your banner. Also, before tightening the pipe clamps completely, ensure the two screws face the front of the lemonade stand. 

Step 8- Attach the ⅛” Cord or Banner to the Screws at the Top of Each Dowel

Using a loop knot, tie the cord or banner to the screw on each wooden dowel. If you’ve purchased a simple cord, you can use clothespins to attach a banner of your choice. 

Step 9- Attach Casters

If you’ve decided to purchase the optional casters, attach all 4 to the bottom of the lemonade stand. (Lay the stand on its side to do so.) It’s recommended to use casters with brakes so that your new lemonade stand doesn’t roll away.

Step 10- Start Selling Delicious Lemonade!

Your lemonade stand should now be complete! Set it up near the street and stock it with cups and an insulated ice bucket. Napkins, recyclable straws, and ice tongs are a good idea, also. If you like, make lemon cookies to sell with lemonade. (Extra profits!)

How to make a lemonade stand

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This post was originally published on 06/20/2016. It was updated on 08/29/2022.

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