Storage Made for You: 20th Century Interiors

This post is part of our “Storage Made for You” video series, where we highlight the many ways small businesses and entrepreneurs across the Pacific Northwest are growing their businesses with Northwest Self Storage. Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for more stories!

Meet Benson Scott, founder of 20th Century Interiors.

Benson is a post-war decorative arts dealer who’s been importing furniture from Denmark and refurbishing it for the Portland market since 2000. While a student at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Benson fell in love with design and began learning the trade. He continued to hone his craft in the Bay Area for many years before finally coming to Portland.

Benson loves what design can do for people’s homes. He says the Pacific Northwest is a great place for finding unique items, including pieces from Canada’s indigenous First Nations people as well as immigrant potters who settled in British Columbia. In the video below, Benson talks about why he chose Northwest Self Storage and even shows one of his prized pieces – a vintage stoneware lamp design by legendary SoCal ceramicist Daved Cressey. Check it out:

We’re proud to have Benson as part of the Northwest Self Storage family. 20th Century Interiors is proving just what’s possible with our retail and studio space, like our 215 SE Morrison location housed in the historic John Deere Plow Company Building. Do you have a dream? There’s no time like the present to make it a reality. Find storage made for you at

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