Storage Made for You: Amsha

This post is part of our “Storage Made for You” video series, where we highlight the many ways small businesses and entrepreneurs across the Pacific Northwest are growing their businesses with Northwest Self Storage. Stay tuned to our blog and social channels for more stories!

Meet Laura Walker, founder of Amsha.

Amsha works with women’s co-ops and independent artisans across Africa to create mindful lifestyle and home decor pieces. By doing so, Amsha is creating jobs and promoting self-sufficiency for its makers. And the company is growing fast. Amsha doubled its retail space from a 700-square-foot studio to a spacious retail location at Northwest Self Storage, where they’ve been for the last four years.

Laura and her team embody the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Pacific Northwesterners, working hard to make life better for others along the way. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s Laura to explain:

We’re proud to have Amsha as part of the Northwest Self Storage family. They’re showing just what’s possible with our retail and studio space, available at over a dozen locations. Do you have a dream? There’s no time like the present to make it a reality. Find storage made for you at

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