5 College Dorm Ramen Hacks

Packing up and heading to college? Let’s face it: You’re poor. Don’t worry, though, it’s a good poor—a necessary poor in the name of higher education and its contributions to an informed citizenry. The sacrifices you’re making are of a noble nature. That $1 cup of instant noodles you’ve resigned yourself to eating for the … Read more

Tips for Storing Camping Gear

Camping is about finding peace in the remote wilderness. It’s about the animalistic freedom of going without a shower for days on end. The taste of smoky campfire goodness that somehow makes an ordinary hot dog feel gourmet. And for the risk-tolerant, it’s the thrill of playing giardia roulette whenever your open mouth comes in … Read more

Home Renovation Storage Tips

college student with box

Rotting wood. Hideous linoleum. A hole in your roof. Ah yes, the joys of homeownership. Maybe you’re a first-time homeowner, and you’re just brimming with naive optimism about how much fun you’re going to have while renovating your new house. Perhaps you’ve been shacking up in the most expensive thing you’ve ever purchased for decades, … Read more

How to Summer Solstice Your Way: Tips for Every Kind of Person on the Longest Day of the Year

Summer solstice. Midsummer. Litha. The longest day of the year. The first day of summer goes by many names, with a history rooted in early hunter-gatherer societies that evolved through ancient civilizations to its present-day form. But you don’t care about that. You’re on a mission to make plans for how you’ll spend all 941 … Read more

Moving Time: 8 Tips for Packing Like a Pro

What’s worse than a 7 a.m. client meeting on a Monday? Worse than leaving your house for the day thinking your phone is fully charged, only to discover it wasn’t even plugged in? Worse than an entire row of parallel-parked cars taking up all the street parking when there’s clearly room for at least two … Read more

5 Barbecue Recipes for a Mouthwatering Memorial Day

The smell of barbecue, the taste of barbecue, and having a bunch of people over for a barbecue are all crucial components of the perfect summer party. But before you kick off the unofficial first day of summer and invite all of your friends to come over, you need to perfect a few recipes (and … Read more

How to Make Memories This Memorial Day

For many people, Memorial Day signals the unofficial beginning of summer. That means it’s time to sit back, relax, play a few drinking games, head out on some trails, and create some Memorial Day memories that may or may not be too embarrassing for your family to see on Instagram (sorry, Aunt Barbara). But how … Read more

Pack for College Before You Pack in the Summer Fun

Whether you’re leaving for college or coming back home for the summer, you probably have enough plans to avoid your parents without us reminding you. Before you pack your days full of making epic memories—like heading to some PNW festivals—you’ve unfortunately got to buckle down and literally pack some other things first. For those who … Read more

How to Spend Record Store Day the PNW Way

Let’s set the record straight: If there’s one thing you should be doing this Saturday, April 13, it’s celebrating Record Store Day. Whether your love for music stems from the tunes you’d bump while skateboarding with your friends or the times you’d hide in your parents’ basement listening to music that would make them want you … Read more