About Us

Northwest Self Storage specializes in the self storage industry in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, we are the largest operator in Oregon. 

We started as a family owned and operated company, founded by Kevin Howard over 30 years ago. In 2010, Kevin’s daughter, Dawn Tangvald, joined the company and together they have transformed the company to lead the industry from both a customer service and technology standpoint. 

Northwest Self Storage is ranked as one of the top 25 self storage operators in the country, managing nearly 100 properties throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our specialized services include design and development, property management and general consultation.

In 2014, Northwest Self Storage joined forces with National Storage Affiliates (NYSE: NSA) as a founding partner and together have over 1,000 stores nationwide.

Why Us

At Northwest Self Storage, our employees, our neighbors and our customers help us foster an environment of continuous improvement, which is why we embrace a mission of transformation. The work we do signifies a period of transition for our customers. They are creating the next chapter of their lives, and we’re here to support this evolution with a storage experience that puts people first.

We live our mission through four key values that guide our behaviors, decisions and strategies:

Act with Kindness: Small gestures have the power to uplift and inspire. We believe in using that power to connect people, build relationships, and show gratitude to one another every day.

Do the Right Thing: Our inner compass guides us to do the right thing for our customers and one another. We value trust, mutual respect, and open communication across all members of our team.

Show up Fully: We’re proud of the work we do, which means we never cut corners or take the easy way out. To us, showing up fully means rolling up our sleeves and giving 100%.

Embrace Change: Change sparks progress – and our team thrives on making every day a little better. Through this commitment, we will elevate each other and the community around us.

Our commitment and dedication to achieving success for our clients and employees also benefits our customers and communities.