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Prineville, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Prineville, Oregon!

The town of Prineville is a place so lovely it seems like it was stolen right off the silver screen. Charming, cozy, and friendly, Prineville looks too nice to be true. But the good news is this town of about 11,000 people is genuinely welcoming. Prineville is a down-to-earth and inviting place that harkens back to a simpler time.

Prineville is the oldest town in central Oregon and sits in the state’s high desert region. And after a scenic drive past Mount Hood, you’ll arrive at Portland in just about 3 hours. Prineville itself is also a picturesque town full of bright colors and historic architecture.

For example, the town sits right on the Crooked River and gorgeous Ochoco Creek (which is a dormant volcano!). Nearby, Stein’s Pillar is a 350-foot monolith that formed over 40 million years ago. Plus, Ochoco Wayside State Park is our backyard, with thousands of acres to explore, fish, and hike. Prineville is also America’s Rockhound Capital, with precious gemstones everywhere. If you’re looking for challenging hiking, Lookout Mountain is in Prineville, OR, too. Lookout Mountain is nearly 7000 feet above sea level and has some of the best downhill trails in Oregon.

Prineville, Oregon Storage Units From Northwest Self Storage

Northwest offers one self-storage center in Prineville, OR, serving the community at large. It’s located at 1222 NW Madras Hwy and has safe, clean, and secure storage units to store almost anything. Many folks here store their adventure gear with us, plus boats, equipment, and overstock. This location is about 3 minutes from a Grocery Bandit if you've just arrived and need some food. Grace Place RV Park is also very close.

Are there RV Parks in Prineville, Oregon?

Many folks visit Prineville, Oregon, in their RVs. It’s a fantastic way to see the town and Oregon’s high desert. The good news is that RV parks are all over the place in Prineville. Below are a few of the best, including:

The four RV parks listed are the top-rated in Prineville, although there are several more. If you need RV storage in Prineville, OR, Northwest has spots available throughout the year. (Do call to check availability, though.)

How is the Camping in Prineville, Oregon?

There are even more campgrounds in Prineville, OR than RV parks! Indeed, camping in this part of Oregon is a way of life! You can free camp almost anywhere without a permit, although our campgrounds are genuinely excellent. The best campgrounds in Prineville, close to town, include:

  • Ochoco Lake Campground
  • Sun Rocks RV Resort & Campground
  • Chimney Rock Segment Campgrounds
  • Prineville Reservoir State Park
  • Crook County RV Park and Campground

Welcome, Home to Prineville, Oregon

If you’ve just moved to Prineville, welcome home! Here in Oregon’s high desert, you’ll find a laid-back lifestyle, great food, and friendly folks. If you need help storing your stuff, Northwest is here to help. Until then, we urge you to embrace everything our friendly, welcoming, and tasty town has to offer!