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Gladstone, OR Self Storage Units


Welcome Home to Gladstone, Oregon!

Travel about 12 miles south of Portland, and you’ll come to the terrific town of Gladstone, Oregon. Today, this is one of the most historic town in the state! It’s home to about 12,500 people and is a laid-back suburb of Portland known for hiking and antique shops. 

Gladstone sits where the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers meet, making it a fantastic place to fish and enjoy the splendid scenery. This beautiful part of Gladstone is the revered ancestral home of the proud Clackamas Indians. You’ll see even more on Gladstone’s many trails for hiking, biking, and especially horseback riding. The trails are a bit further out of town but not far by any means.

Gladstone, Oregon Storage Facilities by Northwest

Northwest Self Storage has one self-storage location in Gladstone, serving the community’s storage needs. The storage center is at 660 SE 82nd Drive, just north of the center of town. One of the perks of this location is its proximity to War Veterans Memorial Freeway, aka Hwy 205. This makes getting to and from your Gladstone, Oregon storage unit quicker and more convenient.

While there isn't much directly surrounding our Gladstone Self Storage location, there's plenty just down the road. McDonald's and Subway for a quick bite and a Safeway if you need groceries. If a good meal and a cocktail is what you desire, High Rocks Steaks and Chops and Gaffer’s Pub are within walking distance. If you just arrived and need a place to stay, there's a terrific Holiday Inn Express very close. Plus, for folks traveling with children or furry friends, High Rocks Park is down the street. The Park sits right on the Clackamas River, perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll.

What’s the Weather in Gladstone, Oregon Like?

If you're like many folks, you might think it rains a lot in Oregon. If you do, you'd be right. It does rain a lot in Gladstone like the rest of Oregon. From October through April, two out of three days will typically be rainy. However, like most other parts of Oregon, Gladstone doesn't get a lot of snow. You have to go a bit further north and to a higher elevation for that.

The first time you experience summer in Gladstone, though, you'll quickly forget all the rain. Summer here is gorgeous, with temperatures that typically don't go above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Best of all, there is very little or no humidity. IThe summer weather in Gladstone, Oregon is practically perfect through September. Best Places gives Gladstone a Comfort Index score of 9.4 out of 10, which is phenomenal.

Welcome Home to Gladstone, Oregon!

Have you’ve just arrived? Well, welcome to Gladstone! (Just passing through? Welcome to you, too!) We think you’ll find that Gladstone has a lot to offer. The air is cleaner, the folks are friendlier, and the local beer and wine scene is some of the country’s best! If you need help storing, you can count on Northwest Self Storage. We're local, we’re your neighbors, and we love the lifestyle in Gladstone, Oregon!