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Molalla, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Molalla, Oregon!

Molalla, Oregon, is a delightful small town. It’s so small that the Molalla, Oregon, population is under 10,000 people. But what Molalla lacks in size, it makes up for in character, uniqueness, and opportunities for outdoor adventures. For example, you can go skydiving over one of the most scenic parts of America!

In this rugged city on the outskirts of Portland’s metro area, outdoor life is a fact of life. And if you’re a fan of fishing, break out your poles because Molalla offers plenty! And enjoying the scenic beauty of Molalla on horseback is an experience you’ll never forget. Plus, you can kayak to your heart’s content!

But Molalla has a lot more to offer than the beauty of the great outdoors. This quiet Oregon town is also an excellent place to raise a family. There’s a lot to do, the schools are good, and the surrounding natural beauty is a big perk. As we mentioned earlier, the Molalla, Oregon, population is small at just over 9300 people. That’s always a plus when raising children. Speaking of which, so is the excellent park system Molalla offers.

There’s one thing everyone loves about Molalla: the summertime weather. Although this part of Oregon gets lots of rain, the summer weather is nearly perfect. From May to September, the temperature hovers between 80 and 85° F. And best of all, there’s not even a smidge of humidity. It’s cool-ish at night, too, perfect for that long night’s sleep you’ll need after a day of summertime adventures.

Northwest Self Storage in Molalla, Oregon

Northwest has one facility for self-storage in Molalla, Oregon. Our facility is located at 704 W. Main Street, a short 5-minute walk from the Molalla Public Library. We’re also very close to a wide variety of excellent Molalla restaurants. That includes the Wild Horse Bar and Grill, Bear Creek pizza and pub, and Cindy's Cafe and catering. There's also Taqueria La Silleta, a fantastic Mexican place, a Domino's Pizza, and a Subway. If a fine meal and some local beer or wine sound fantastic, head over to the Stagecoach Inn. The Prairie House Inn & Cowboy Coffee is also a local favorite.

All About Camping in Molalla, Oregon

Camping in Molalla, Oregon, is a great way to explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. There are thousands of square miles of countryside to discover near Molalla. If you're coming from another part of the United States, the cost to go camping might surprise you. That's because, unlike many other states, there is no cost. You can camp almost anywhere you like in and around Molalla, Oregon, for free, without a permit.

Wild camping, not your thing? How about camping in wine country? You can do that in Molalla at some of our beautiful local wineries. But, of course, there are plenty of other gorgeous locations where you can rent a cabin or do some glamping, too. In short, camping in Molalla, Oregon, is outstanding, no matter what your definition of camping happens to be.

Welcome to Molalla, Oregon!

So if you’ve just arrived, whether to stay or visit, welcome! We think you’ll find that Molalla is a special place with friendly folks and a chill lifestyle. If you need help with storage in Molalla, Oregon, Northwest Self Storage is here to help. Until then, welcome to Molalla, Oregon. Enjoy a glass of locally-brewed beer, sit back and watch some colorful parachutes float through the sky.