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Hillsboro, OR Self Storage Units

Welcome to Hillsboro, Oregon!

If working for Intel or Nike is your goal, moving to Hillsboro, Oregon, is your best choice. Both of these companies have their headquarters here and many other significant businesses. These top firms know that Hillsboro is a fantastic place to live, work, and enjoy life.

Hillsboro is part of Oregon's so-called “Silicon Forest” region. The home to many leading technology companies. With around 102,000 people, Hillsboro, OR, isn’t the state’s biggest city. We’re one of the most well-run with award-winning urban planning. Hillsboro also boasts one of the finest downtown areas of the Portland suburbs. It's a cultural hub with live theater companies, galleries, museums, and live music.

Want more to make you happy in Hillsboro? We have one of the best farmer’s markets in the state, the aptly-named Hillsboro Farmers Market. In addition, you can catch a Hillsboro Hops Single-A baseball game at our state-of-the-art baseball stadium! (Fantastic seats, thrilling baseball, and cold, local craft beer? Yes, please!) Craft beer is an art form as part of Oregon’s famed Beervana area. Plus, we’re in the heart of the Tualatin Valley and its many award-winning wineries.

We also have to mention the incredible opportunities for outdoor adventure in Hillsboro. Within a stone’s throw of town, there are spectacular waterfalls, the Columbia River Gorge, and Multnomah Falls. Hillsboro offers hiking, biking, camping, and fishing. And, in winter, there's snowmobiling, the likes of which you’ve never experienced! (And we haven’t even gotten to the world-class ski slopes nearby!) As you can see, there’s a reason many top-tier companies choose Hillsboro, Oregon, for their HQ; this city rocks!

Northwest Self Storage in Hillsboro, Oregon

Northwest has two excellent self-storage centers in Hillsboro, OR, to serve the public. Below are links to both locations and a shout-out to local points of interest.

1: 3437 E Baseline Street

Truth be told, there’s not much out here next to our first self-storage location in Hillsboro, OR. So we suggest heading east back into town and enjoying Hillsboro’s downtown area. (It’s only 5 minutes away!)

2: 4395 SE Witch Hazel Road

This 2nd location is much busier (for better or worse, depending on your storage needs). There's a Dairy Queen and Chrome Girls Espresso within walking distance if you need a jolt of good java. Also, if you have any stuff to donate, a Goodwill location is just down the street.

How Far is it From Hillsboro, OR to Portland, OR?

Hillsboro, Oregon, is west of Portland and about 32 minutes away. There are several different routes you can take to get downtown. Whether you do that or not, Hillsboro’s average one-way commute time of 23 minutes isn’t terrible. (Another great reason to live here!)

Welcome to the Silicon Forest of Hillsboro, Oregon!

If you’ve just moved into town, welcome home! We know you’ll love the laid-back, fun, and adventurous lifestyle in Hillsboro! Need help with storage? Please call Northwest Self Storage, chat with us, or drop by one of our two convenient locations. Until then, enjoy everything Hillsboro, Oregon offers, and welcome to the Silicon Forest!