Community Involvement & Sustainability

A core component to our key values is supporting our community and surroundings. We encourage our employees to be active in their communities, to know their neighbors and to support the interests of each other. To take that one step further, we stand behind our local communities and employee interests through the Northwest Self Storage Foundation’s Give Collective program.

The Give Collective Program’s mission is to encourage a philanthropic culture amongst our employees and support their efforts to volunteer at non-profits in their communities and give to causes that are important to them. Multiple times throughout the year, our employees can apply for a $1,000 grant to the non-profit of their choice. Each year, we give $10,000 to employee-selected non-profits in our local communities.

In addition to our community support, we are taking steps to make a difference in the environment by committing to long term energy efficiency and sustainability. Some of these recent and ongoing projects include:

  • LED lighting conversions at nearly 75 properties throughout 2019
  • Lighting control upgrades to motion-activated or timer-controlled switches
  • E-Sign with touch screens in all our rental offices significantly reduces paper and ink consumption.
  • At properties with heated or cooled storage units, we limit heating to 50 degrees in the winter and limit cooling to 80 degrees in the summer
  • New construction properties are built with retention and detention ponds to assist with natural storm water management and treatment
  • Commitment to native plant landscapes at all new properties, and ongoing as existing landscape requires replacing.