Useful Tips and Advice for Moving to Vancouver, Washington

Moving to Vancouver, Washington? If so, great news! Vancouver was recently voted one of the Top 100 Places to live in the United States! One big reason is the weather, especially in summer. Plenty of jobs, fun nightlife, and good public schools make Vancouver desirable. The wide variety of outdoor activities makes living in this northern city exciting and adventurous.

Of course, like all American cities, life isn’t all peaches and cream in Vancouver. There’s a lot of property theft, high living costs, and housing costs are skyrocketing. Still, there are more good things to say about Vancouver than bad. If you’d like some great tips and advice before arriving, we have some helpful info below to help make your move to Vancouver less stressful (and help you settle in faster). 

The Best Neighborhoods in Vancouver, WA

One of the most important factors when moving to any new city is choosing a community that fits your needs. Somewhere that’s safe, close to excellent amenities, and, if you have kids, is in a good school district. Below, we’ve got a list of the best neighborhoods in Vancouver. That’s not to say the following communities are the only good ones in the city, just that they’re rated highly. 

Fisher’s Creek

The #1 Best Neighborhood in Vancouver, Fisher’s Creek, is also one of the most expensive. You get excellent local shops and restaurants, beautiful homes, and a mix of architectural styles. You also have access to one of the best parks in the city, Fisher’s Creek Neighborhood Park. Stretching across almost 2 acres, it’s big, beautiful, and, if you have kids, it’s the perfect place to explore when they need something to do.

Cascade Highlands

Quiet, serene, and featuring incredible views of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens, Cascade Highlands is another hot location. There are smaller homes, several apartment options, and a mobile home park here also. However, that shouldn’t hold you back from looking, as the school district is excellent, and there’s great nightlife as well as the 6-acre Homestead Park which is convenient for jogging, walking the dog, and relaxing.


Arnada is one of the oldest communities in Vancouver that has many features like old-growth trees and older-style homes to go with them. It’s quaint and very close to Downtown Vancouver making it a great place to live if you work there. The shopping and entertainment options are sure to impress you and meet any needs you may have. However, many folks like staying home and enjoying this lovely community’s peace and quiet.


Shumway is a mere 10 blocks north of downtown, perfect for younger folks looking for nightlife and excitement. Like Arnada, it’s an older  Vancouver district and has a laid-back vibe. Shumway is one of the more affordable communities around the city. It’s also very walkable, and there’s plenty of nature to see and enjoy. One caveat is that you’ll be getting an older home in a community with a wide variety of them. Besides that, it’s a fantastic place to call home.

Esther Short

Esther Short is the cultural center of the city. Part of that culture is Esther Short Park, 5 acres of green space in the heart of Vancouver. There are an array of restaurants and shops and affordable home prices. It’s all thanks to the titular founder of the district, Esther Short, and her husband, Amos. Thanks to them, Vancouver counts this locale as one of its gems.


While gorgeous and family-friendly, we must note that Felida is Vancouver’s most expensive neighborhood. It has the country’s highest percentage of single-family homes and very low crime rates. In exchange for higher-priced homes, you get a lot of perks, parks, and plusses.

Lake Shore

Lake Shore is close to Vancouver Lake, about 4-miles north of the city’s center. The home prices are affordable, the school district top-notch, and the views are spectacular. The area is less congested than many other parts of Vancouver, and the natural beauty is off the charts. Homes on the water, though, are not for the faint of wallet.

Get Ready to Enjoy Summer to the Max in Vancouver

Although high in America’s northwest, Vancouver sees beautiful and comfortable summer weather. Best Places gives the city a 9.4 on the comfort index, a score hard to beat in any city (Even San Diego!). On most summer days, the temperature stays around 80° F, and there’s not a drop of humidity in sight. In other words, summer in Vancouver, WA, is a time to get out and enjoy everything Washington has to offer!

Vancouver Gives You a True Tax Break

Washington, and thus Vancouver, has no state income tax. Even better, Portland, Oregon, right next door, has no sales tax! Combined, that could give you a significant tax break and let you keep a lot more of your hard-earned money.

You Don’t Really Need an Umbrella in Vancouver

Does it rain a lot in Vancouver, WA? Yes, it does, but it’s not pouring heavy rain. Instead, it’s more of a light shower that comes and goes in the morning or a sprinkle in the afternoon. It’s not the kind of rain that makes you break out an umbrella and cower beneath it.

Bring Your Appetite for Farm Fresh Food and Locally-Made Goods

Vancouver might be the best city in America for farmer’s markets, especially the one in Esther Short Park. (They have, get this, over 250 vendors!) There’s so much locally-grown food in Vancouver you might never need a grocery store! Plus, we’re part of Beervana, Portland’s craft beer scene. Between the fresh produce, local-made goods, and delicious beer (and cider!), it’s a wonder anyone lives anywhere else!

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Bicycles

Bicycling, especially mountain biking, is big in Vancouver, and we’ve got 14 tasty trails around the city to prove it! You’ll regularly see bikes worth more than the cars used to get them to the trails! Many folks use their bikes to get around the city, making a bike one thing you may want to consider bringing or purchasing.

These Vancouver Tips Brought to you by Northwest Self Storage

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Many folks reserve a storage unit in Vancouver, WA, before arriving so that it’s ready when they arrive to store their stuff safely. That gives them time to search for their new Vancouver home at their own pace. Whatever you choose, Northwest Self Storage is here to help you store all your stuff. If you just arrived, welcome to your new home, Vancouver, Washington! Go out and get yourself a craft beer at a fabulous bar and toast your arrival!

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