Everything You Need to Know About Where to Find Crystals in Oregon

Oregon’s known for a great many things. Incredible scenery abounds, as do exciting outdoor adventures. The cuisine in Oregon is fantastic, and the craft beer and wineries here are world-class. Believe it or not, crystals are a popular find in Oregon! Keep reading to learn more about where to find crystals in Oregon!

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Along the gorgeous Oregon coast, all beaches are public (unlike some states that will remain nameless). From incredible lakes to majestic mountains, and otherworldly deserts to serene countryside, Oregon is truly a wonder to behold.

Rockhounds, those passionate collectors of semiprecious stones, will tell you that Oregon is famous for one other thing; crystals. Thousands of rockhounds come to Oregon every year looking for their favorite shiny rocks. The crystals they search for include agate, jasper, obsidian, and so-called “thundereggs.” Opal, amethyst, calcite, and selenite are on their lists, too.

If you’re a rockhound coming to Oregon to find crystals, we’ve got some useful information below. It’s everything you need to know about where to find crystals in Oregon! Read on to discover all the best places in Beaver State and find the crystals of your choice!

Tools You Will Need to Find and Remove, Crystals in Oregon

Depending on where you go to find crystals in Oregon, getting crystals is sometimes as easy as just picking them up with your bare hands. Some crystals, however, are decidedly more difficult to find and unearth. For those, you’ll need several tools, which we’ve listed for you below.

  • Jeweler’s Loupe. This is a small magnifying device used by jewelers to inspect precious stones. They typically have higher magnification than standard magnifying glasses.
  • Rock hammer. (There are several different types.)
  • Rock chisels. (They usually come in a set.)
  • Rock Screen. This helps remove dirt and other stuff from your crystals.
  • Blacklight. (Some crystals glow under a black light!)
  • Brushes to brush off dirt.
  • Prybars to pry rocks apart.
  • Safety goggles
  • Gloves
  • Sample bags or jars

Crook County, Oregon, the Rockhound Capital of the World

Crook County in central Oregon is also known as the “Rockhound Capital of the World”. Rockhounds will tell you that there are many unique crystals and rock types here for a relatively small geographic area. One thing to note is the sheer number of different rock categories in Crook County is off the charts. Some of the different crystals you’ll find in Central Oregon include:

  • Agate
  • Amethyst
  • Cinnabar
  • Amygdaloid Nodules
  • Jasper
  • Opal
  • Obsidian
  • Feldspar (Oregon Sunstone)
Where to find crystals in Oregon

Where to Find Thundereggs in Oregon

Named the state rock of Oregon in 1965, thundereggs, aka geodes, are a crystal created by perlitic rocks.  Amazingly, thundereggs can vary in size from less than an inch in diameter to over four feet! Even more amazing is that, on the outside, they are relatively bland. Once cracked open, however, the designs and colors inside can be exquisite, especially after polishing. At many sites in Central and Southeastern Oregon, you can collect thundereggs. (Or you can pay a fee at some.) You can find lots of crystals in these different Oregon counties, including:

  • Crook
  • Jefferson
  • Malheur
  • Wasco 
  • Wheeler

If Central Oregon is where you’re going to find crystals, we suggest checking with two Chambers of Commerce, including:

  1. Madras Chamber of Commerce
  2. Prineville Chamber of Commerce

For in-depth information about where to find crystals in Oregon, the Bureau of Land Management website is best.

Where to Find Oregon Sunstones in Oregon

Did you know that Oregon has some of the finest gem-quality feldspars on the planet? It does and is so abundant it’s referred to as Oregon Sunstone. You can find Oregon Sunstones in a wide range of colors, including yellow, green, pink, orange, and blue. Often you’ll find multiple colors in the same crystal, known as bicolor and tricolor stones. Some Oregon sunstones contain copper that, when viewed at the right angle, produces a light phenomenon known as adventuressence. The best place to find Oregon Sunstones is in the high desert sagebrush of Oregon’s Rabbit Basin. You can also find Oregon Sunstones in basalt flows in Harney County and Lake County.

Where to find crystals in Oregon

Where to Find Obsidian in Oregon

Just like Oregon Sunstones, Oregon is one of the best places on Earth to find obsidian. Not only will you find black obsidian, which is relatively common, but also gold sheen, rainbow, and mahogany obsidian. Want more? You might also encounter pumpkin and double-flow obsidian! The best place to find them is in Central Oregon in Glass Butte and Little Glass Butte. For more information, the Deschutes National Forest website is a great source.

Where to Find Agate and Jasper in Oregon

Both Agate and Jasper are a variety of quartz. The way to tell them apart is that banded specimens that are translucent are agate. If they’re mottled yellow, red, or brown, they’re called Jasper.  One of the best places to find both in Oregon is the Oregon coast. In fact, Agate Beach in Newport, Oregon, gets its name from this semi-precious gemstone. You can also find them in the town of Antelope, draining into the Western Cascades. And, not surprisingly, Central Oregon, near Prineville. In South Central Oregon, Heart Mountain and Lakeview are excellent locations for jasper and agate. Lastly, Succor Creek in Southeastern Oregon is a good place to hunt for these beautiful crystals.

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