Moving To Portland Guide

Are you moving to Portland, Oregon, soon? Maybe you’re already on your way or packing your things while you make plans for the trip. Whatever stage you’re in, if you need information about Portland to make your move easier, we have it below! It’s our handy guide for moving to Portland, OR, and living the PNW life! Read on to discover all you need to know about “Beervana” and its bountiful amenities!

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Relocating to Portland, OR

As with any city, relocating to Portland is a big job that takes time, energy, patience, and money. The move itself depends on where you start. For example, if you’re already in Oregon, moving to Portland will be easier and faster than starting in New York, San Francisco, Houston, or some other far-off city. However, the list of tasks and chores you need to accomplish wherever you start will be similar when moving to Portland.

  • Start planning your move to Portland about 4 to 8 weeks ahead
  • If you hire movers, get 3-4 moving estimates, and compare prices and services
  • Choose a mover and lock in your pick-up and delivery dates
  • If you move, set up a truck rental
  • If you move, start getting together all your moving supplies
  • Start packing as soon as possible if you do it yourself. (It takes a lot more time than you think!)
  • Gather all your important paperwork and documents together. Titles, doctor and vet files, school transcripts, marriage or divorce paperwork, etc.
  • Get rid of everything you don’t need, want or use. Remember, the more you take, the more your move will cost.
  • Disconnect your current utilities and connect them there if you have a new place to live in Portland
  • If needed, find storage in Portland

What are the Best Neighborhoods in Portland?

neighborhood with houses along a sidewalk

Portland is a large city with many different neighborhoods. The attraction of each depends on your needs. For example, a neighborhood with a top school district is essential if you have kids. Retirees might want to move where there are other retirees, and young folks will likely want to live where the nightlife and action can be found in Portland. Whatever you desire, the Portland communities below can deliver. (There are plenty more if you don’t find one on our list!)

  • Pearl District
  • Arlington Heights
  • Buckman
  • Northwest Portland
  • East Moreland
  • Laurelhurst
  • Mount Tabor
  • Forest Park
  • South Waterfront
  • University Park

Pros and Cons of Moving to Portland

Like any big American city Portland has some excellent points and some that aren’t great. Below are the most notable Pros and Cons of living in Beervana.

Pros of Moving to Portland

  • Portland is a “green” city with over 300 parks to enjoy
  • The beer scene here is one of the best in the United States (The food isn’t bad, either.)
  • Portland has excellent public transportation options
  • The music scene in Portland is dynamic and exciting
  • There are no sales taxes in Portland, OR

Cons of Moving to Portland

  • About ⅓ of the year in Portland is gray, overcast, and gloomy
  • Housing costs in Portland are ridiculously high
  • Traffic in Portland has gotten much worse over the last few years
  • The drug and homelessness problem in Portland needs immediate attention

What is the Cost of Living Like in Portland?

There’s no denying that Portland has a higher cost of living than many similar cities. Most of the blame for this is on housing, which is about 40% higher than the national average. Transportation and miscellaneous costs also add to the higher cost of living in Portland, which is 32% higher than the national average. Below are all the major cost indexes in Portland (thanks to Best Places) to give you something to compare to other cities. Please keep in mind that the national average is 100, so anything higher is more than the U.S. national average and anything lower is less.

Overall- 132.4

Median Home Cost- $536,900 (The U.S. average is $291,700.)

Housing- 184.1 (Very high)

Miscellaneous- 140.1

Transportation- 129.9

Groceries- 103.7

Healthcare- 90.6

Utilities- 79.9 (Very reasonable)

What is Portland Known For?

aerial image of mount hood during a sunset

Portland is known for several things, many of which are fun, exciting, and delicious. They include the following:

  • Beer, Portland has one of the country’s best craft beer scenes with dozens of breweries
  • Huge expanses of green space and many city parks
  • Breathtaking views of the mountains
  • A thriving music and arts scene
  • A food truck scene that’s unlike any other in the U.S
  • Massive murals on buildings in the city
  • Being a very green-conscious city
  • Being the home of Intel and Nike
  • Being the sister city to San Francisco
  • No sales tax

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