Storing Your Winter Clothes

In a perfect world, you’d have unlimited closet space and plenty of room for your winter clothes without the need to store them away. Living in Centralia Washington, though, you know how much space those bulky sweaters, thick jeans and oversized coats can take up. When it’s time to store your winter clothes, look to self storage and take these steps to keep them in pristine condition throughout the summer.

5 Tips for Storing Winter Clothing in Centralia, Washington

  1. Wash your clothes thoroughly. Soiled clothes attract mold and pest insects, so wash your clothing thoroughly before storing them for the summer. Even if you think your clothes are clean, run them through the washer and dryer one time to prevent staining and damage from pests.
  1. Store them in a climate-controlled area. Don’t pack your clothes away in the attic or the basement. Direct sunlight and damp basements can create numerous problems, such as fading and mildew. If you look to storage companies to house your winter clothing, choose a climate-controlled unit to prevent heat and moisture damage.
  1. Use the correct packaging for your clothes. Pack your clothing in plastic containers to keep out unwanted pests during storage. Place the heavier clothes on the bottom, and wrap them all in acid-free, pH-neutral paper to prevent yellowing and fading. You should also store furs and other delicate items in wardrobe boxes and hang them to prevent wrinkling and deterioration.
  1. Label your items accordingly. Label each box according to the contents it contains. Use a permanent marker to jot down the information on the side, such as the clothing type and to which family member it belongs. Labeling the boxes accordingly helps you easily find your clothing once you take it out of storage.
  1. Use self storage for your winter clothes. With self storage, you don’t have to make extra room in your home for your winter clothing. Just pack all your clothes, and keep them safe and secure in a storage unit. If you’re looking for storage companies with climate control, Northwest Self Storage can help with that! You’ll not only get a unit that prevents heat and moisture damage, but also keeps out pests for season-long protection.

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