City Spotlight: Beaverton, OR

Northwest Self Storage is proud to call Beaverton, Oregon home to one of our top-notch storage facilities, but as much as we love to brag – that’s not the only great thing about living in Beaverton. Not even close, in fact, and that’s saying a lot. Named Money Magazine’s 100 best places to live a few years ago, Beaverton has only gotten better. With a rich economic center, a diverse community and a growing family of sister cities across the world, Beaverton is by far the best city to live in Oregon. That’s a fact. Now check out these other fun facts about Beaverton, and when you’re ready to pack it up and move here, give Northwest Self Storage a call!

Beaverton, Oregon Fun Facts

Curling is kind of our thing. In fact, Beaverton was the very first city in Oregon to build an ice rink solely dedicated to the fascinating sport of curling. Considering the Beaverton Curling Club was originally built in 1897, you could say we’re sort of ahead of the trends. But we have more than just one rink, with the Evergreen Curling Club making waves to change the sport for those with disabilities.

We’re the city without the city. There are about 4,800 people per square mile in Beaverton, more than even Portland, and yet you won’t find a skyscraper anywhere in town. We leave that to Portland’s downtown area only eight miles away.

Travelers call Beaverton home. Actually, almost 20 percent of those who live around here weren’t even born in the country, but traveled here and found Beaverton to be the perfect place to settle down. It’s also a pretty diverse population, attracting folks from all different backgrounds.

That’s because there’s so many different types of jobs. Our claim to fame may be Nike’s headquarters, but we are also home to a wide range of technological positions in the Silicon Forest, all the way to experts who work at vineyards and orchards nearby. With a job growth outlook over the next ten years looking to be about 37 percent, it’s only getting better.

Or it’s because we have so many sister cities. The point behind sister cities is to grow connectedness, by building bridges to economic and cultural understanding. Plus it’s cool to say your sister lives in Germany, or Taiwan, or even France and Japan.

Yes, we are named after beavers. Oh, and our city seal is also a beaver. Apparently the original settlers weren’t very creative, and they named the town after the nearby bodies of water that were covered in beaver dams. But we’ll take it, because just like Northwest Self Storage units, those little guys really know how to build a solid structure.

We love our space. This is probably why we don’t have much of a typical “downtown” area, but it’s mainly because we like to walk around outside. Therefore, the city has over 1,000 acres of parks, resulting in a park being no more than a half a mile from every single home.

There’s so much more about Beaverton we could share, like how we have a growing arts district and we’re really invested in public transportation. But that would take away from actually experiencing this beautiful little city, something everyone needs to do at least once in their lives. And if we’ve gone so far as to convince you it’s worth sticking around, Northwest storage units are a great place to start. We’ll not only get you set up with a storage unit to make your move easier, but we’ll give you a few pointers for the area. Such as stopping in for breakfast at Tom’s Pancake House, or how to wow your new neighbors with a cake that looks just like your house from the Beaverton Bakery.

No matter, give us a call or reserve your unit online and we’ll get you ready for some Southwest Oregon fun in no time!

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