Gresham at Night is a Stargazer’s Delight in December

If you could reach up and catch all the stars in our December skies, you’d need every self storage unit in Gresham, OR to stash your shining treasures. If you want easier ways to appreciate the amazing nightly light shows, Northwest Self Storage has some stellar ideas. You don’t need to travel very far to enjoy some of the best stargazing in the Pacific Northwest.

An Astral Assortment

Every month, all kinds of beautiful astral lights dance across our night skies. When you look up at the stars, you’re gazing at an amazing assortment of heavenly bodies. This December, you can’t miss the Super Moon. You have to go back 30 years to mark the last time our lunar orb came so close to earth. The Geminid meteor shower always puts on a dazzling display, and you can also track the Aries, Hydrus and Perseus constellations traveling overhead.

Overnight Stargazing

Area astronomers are often semi-pros who keep their scientific equipment in storage units along with plenty of camping gear. They know that some of the best places for exploring the skies are also prime locations for overnight adventures. If you’re new to the stargazing game, put these three areas near Gresham on your must-see list.

  • Three Sisters Wilderness – Just 100 miles south with nighttime perches on Broken Top
  • Timothy Lake – Located 40 miles south featuring the High Rocks area for celestial shows
  • Lost Lake – Only 25 miles east and the perfect place to watch stars shoot over Mount Hood

Treasures Right Here

You don’t have to head out for an overnight in our great outdoors to catch the constellations in action. Stay home and enjoy the universe in the comfort of our Mount Hood Community College Planetarium. This December 6 and 9, settle in the planetarium’s theater for a very special presentation. “The 13 Zodiac Constellations and Their Hidden Treasures” combines solid science with the magic of learning through pure fun. MHCC Planetarium is a wonderful resource for amateur astronomers year-round.

Protecting Your Equipment

When the stars start dancing around your head, it’s time to think about upgrading your reach with something more than binoculars. You don’t have to invest in an expensive telescope to improve your gaze on the heavens. A modest setup gets most newbies started, but it’s important to keep the equipment safe between nighttime excursions. Don’t crowd it in the garage where it might get bumped and broken. Prep your telescope for self storage by:

  • Cleaning mirrors and lenses.
  • Wiping the body clean.
  • Lubricating supports and mounts.
  • Securing in its original case.

Precision components can be affected by temperature extremes and high humidity, so always stash your equipment in a climate-controlled unit. Choose a modern facility that offers high-tech security, and enjoy knowing that your investment in watching the skies over Gresham is always protected.

Count On Us Year-Round

The nighttime sky just shines a little brighter here in Multnomah County. You can get away from the big city lights, wish on shooting stars and count constellations year-round. You can count on Northwest Self Storage, too. You’re always in perfect stargazing position when you keep your equipment with us in the best storage units in Gresham, OR.

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