Pros and Cons of Molalla, OR

Located in Clackamas County, Molalla, Oregon, is a tiny town that lies close to the Willamette River. A suburb of Portland, Molalla is about 47 miles from Beervana and is nearly equidistant to Salem, Oregon. Molalla is a beautiful town and has many things going for it. It also has a few downsides, so if you’re moving here soon, it’s best you know both. The information below will help you do exactly that and give you the pros, cons, and bonafide reviews of this beautiful town. To discover them all before arriving, read on!

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Moving to Molalla, OR

Wherever you live now, if you have to move your things to Molalla, you need to start preparing. For example, you might need to rent a moving truck, call several moving companies, or hire Molalla movers to help. You should also consider full-service moving if you’re moving cross-country to Molalla. Whichever you decide, the tips and advice below will be helpful and reduce the stress that moving inevitably causes.

  • Start planning your move to Molalla 4 to 8 weeks ahead of time.
  • If you plan to hire a moving company, call 3 or 4 of them and arrange to have them send out a salesperson to give you an estimate.
  • Choose your mover and lock in your packing, loading, delivery, and unpacking dates.
  • Are you moving yourself? Rent a moving truck a few weeks ahead of time. This is essential, especially in summer when everyone moves.
  • Get rid of everything you can. Remember, movers charge by weight. Selling, donating, or trashing anything you don’t want, use, or need can help you save big bucks.
  • Find self storage in Molalla before you arrive.
  • Gather the following essential documents: school transcripts, professional licenses, medical, dental, vet records, vehicle titles, and prescription medicines
  • Schedule to have all your utilities disconnected in your old home.

Is Molalla a Good Place to Live?

River in a forest with a lot of large boulders in it

Many important factors decide whether a town or city in America is a good place to live. The school district, for example, should be rated highly, and the city or town should be ranked highly for livability. The comfort index is vital, so you aren’t sweating or freezing most of the year. The cost of living, the town’s diversity, commute time, and crime rates are significant. Is Molalla a good place to live? Below, the 12 Grades from Niche will help you decide for yourself.

  • Public Schools- C+
  • Housing costs- C-
  • Good for families- C+
  • Jobs- C+
  • Cost of living- C-
  • (More info below.)
  • Outdoor activities- A
  • Crime and safety- B-
  • Nightlife- B
  • Diversity- B-
  • Weather- B
  • Health and Fitness- B+
  • Commute time- B-

What is the Cost of Living in Molalla?

Considering its location more or less in the middle of nowhere, Molalla, Oregon, is a relatively expensive town. Three factors account for this high cost of living. The first is housing, which is 51% higher than the national average. The other 2 are transportation, which is 43% higher, and miscellaneous costs, which are 40% higher than the national average. Molalla’s Median home cost of $478,600 is nearly $140,000 more than the national average. You should note that utilities and Healthcare are significantly lower than the national average. Below are the 8 major cost indices in Molalla, OR, for comparison.

  • Overall- 124
  • Utilities- 82
  • Healthcare- 91.2
  • Groceries- 101.1
  • Miscellaneous costs- 137.9
  • Transportation- 143
  • Housing- 151.1
  • Median home price- $478,600. (The U.S. average is $338,100.)

Pros and Cons of Molalla

empty class with desks and a blackboard in the background

As in any American town or city, Molalla, Oregon, has its pros and cons. The good news is that there are several more pros than cons, but if you’re moving here soon, it’s best you know everything before you arrive so you can prepare correctly. To help, we present Molalla’s list of pros and cons below.


Small-town values and community pride

A summer comfort index of 9.3, which is excellent

Vibrant, exciting nightlife

A wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy

Very low violent crime levels

A high level of cultural diversity

Proximity to Beervana, Portland, Oregon

Proximity to Oregon’s gorgeous coast (Just over 2 hours to Seaside, OR.)

Job growth in the town has been positive over the past year

Lake Oswego is about 40 minutes away


The highest-rated high school gets a B-

Property crime rates are higher than the national average

The unemployment rate is slightly higher than the U.S. average

The cost of real estate and a new home is quite high

What People are Saying about Molalla, OR

Below are several reviews of Molalla from real people who live in town to give you an idea of what residents think.

Current resident– ​​” Small community of great people. There are lots of locally owned businesses such as hair salons, restaurants, coffee huts, boutiques, and specialty stores.” (4 out of 5 stars)

Current resident– Molalla is an interesting little town. It lacks many stores or places to eat, but it is one of the best country towns. (4 out of 5 stars)

Current resident– ​​” I made the mistake of buying a home here near section 8 housing. Biggest mistake of my life.” (2 out of 5 stars)

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