Pros and Cons of Living in Corvallis, Oregon

Safe, green, and quaint are the three words people use to describe Corvallis, OR, the most. Corvallis is the perfect city for avid bike riders and environmentalists. With bike lanes on almost every road! Corvallis, OR, is also one of America’s smartest towns, thanks in large part to Oregon State University. This is a quirky and cultural city with a wide range of outdoor activities to enjoy. Including walks along the Willamette River, which is cleaner today than it’s been in decades. We’ve put together a list of all the pros and cons of living in Corvallis, Oregon to help you decide if it’s the right place for you!

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Of course, no city is without a few drawbacks, and Corvallis is no different. There are a few things here that need to be improved. But there are also some that, while unpleasant, are here to stay. (Rain, rain, go away?) If you’re moving to Corvallis, OR, soon, knowing everything about your new town is essential. That way, you can make some critical decisions before you arrive.

pros and cons of living in corvallis oregon
Weatherford Hall on the OSU Campus

PRO: Great Schools in Corvallis, Oregon

Niche gave the public schools in Corvallis, OR an excellent A rating. There are 13 public schools in Corvallis, and all of them have A or B ratings. Although, the spending per student is lower than the national average at $9941. However, that doesn’t seem to have diminished their ability to perform brilliantly. If you have school-age children, you can rest easy knowing their education is in good hands. Some of the top schools in the entire state are here in Corvallis, including:

  • The #14 Best Public High School, Crescent Valley High School
  • The #16 Best Public High School, Corvallis High School
  • The #22 Best Public Elementary School, Muddy Creek Charter School

CON: Expensive Cost of Living in Corvallis, Oregon

We have to admit that buying a home in Corvallis is expensive! The housing cost index is a whopping 164/100! That means you’ll pay 64% more for the same home you’d get in a similar city. While the median home cost is $438,000, which is $146,000 higher than the national average (approximately $298,000.).
Knowing this, many folks rent an apartment when they arrive, putting their extra stuff in a Corvallis, OR, storage unit. Some buy a smaller home and use a storage unit for the overflow. Whatever you choose, storing some of your things can definitely help you save some money.

PRO: There’s a Lot to Do, See and Enjoy Outdoors in Corvallis, Oregon

As we mentioned earlier, Corvallis is a very green city. There are so many beautiful parks inside the city. Outside, there are even more opportunities to enjoy nature’s beauty. For example, the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge is about 10 miles outside the city’s center. It’s the exclusive winter home of the beautiful Dusky Canada Goose! The Bald Hill Natural Area is a hiker’s delight, with trails leading to the titular hill’s summit. If the Pacific Ocean floats your boat, you can’t miss the Siuslaw National Forest. It sits right up next to the ocean, with wonderful waterfalls and trails along the way. As far as the pros and cons of living in Corvallis, OR, outdoor adventures are definitely pro!

CON: Living Through Winter in Corvallis, Oregon is Cold and Dreary

Grab your galoshes and a rain jacket if you’re planning to live in Corvallis, Oregon. From November through April, it rains for more than half of the days! Luckily, it isn’t bitterly cold, but it’s still wet and cloudy. This can be a problem for those who suffer from S.A.D. (i.e., Seasonal Affective Disorder). But if you like a rainy, winter day you’ll love it here.

PRO: Pleasant Summers in Corvallis, Oregon

In contrast to the winter, Corvallis, Oregon is a delightful place to live in Summertime. Best Places gives the city a comfort index of 9.2/10. That’s an almost perfect score! The rain (finally) stops for a few weeks, and there’s no humidity to speak of most days. While the rest of the United States is sweltering, Corvallis is in full outdoor mode. Locals enjoy beautiful, sunny, dry weather. Grilling outdoors is very popular, as well as swimming in the Willamette River. Plus, Oregon’s beaches are less than 90 minutes away if you want to stick your toes in the sand. Our suggestion; from June through September, get outside as much as possible! If you don’t, you’ll be upset with yourself once the rain returns because it won’t stop for months.

Aerial view of Corvallis on a sunny day

CON: Overall Cost of Living in Corvallis, Oregon

We’ve already talked about the high housing prices in Corvallis. Due to that fact, the overall cost of living here gets pushed above the national average by about 13%. It’s not the worst con on the list today, but it’s still important. The good news? Healthcare, utilities, and transportation are all below the national average in Corvallis. Indeed, Corvallis, OR, would be an affordable city if it weren’t for the housing.

PRO: Short Commute Times in Corvallis, Oregon

If you commute to work, you’ll be pleased to know that the average commute in Corvallis is only 17 minutes. That’s 10 minutes under the national average. And, that adds up to about 2 hours less per week of commute time. Not much, you say? Over the course of a year, you’ll spend 100 hours less time driving. You can save more than 4 days of your life!

Pros and Cons of Living in Corvallis, Oregon Brought to You by Northwest

We know we told you a few cons of living in Corvallis, but we think the pros outweigh the cons! Corvallis is a friendly and outdoorsy place to live. And, did we mention it’s the college town for Oregon State University? We think this only adds to the city’s charm and attractiveness.

If you’re moving here soon, we suggest reserving a storage unit before you leave. There are a few good reasons to do this, including:

  1. A storage unit is cheaper than storing in a mover’s warehouse.
  2. Your things will be safe and secure in storage while you house hunt.
  3. You can rent a smaller home or apartment and save money.
  4. You can easily access your stuff in a storage unit (which isn’t possible in a mover’s warehouse).

If you’ve got questions about renting a storage unit in Corvallis, you can chat with Northwest Self Storage online at any time. You can also stop by our self-storage center and meet the on-site manager. They can help you decide on the storage unit that meets your needs. We wish you the very best with your move to our lovely town until then!

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