How to Make Memories This Memorial Day

For many people, Memorial Day signals the unofficial beginning of summer. That means it’s time to sit back, relax, play a few drinking games, head out on some trails, and create some Memorial Day memories that may or may not be too embarrassing for your family to see on Instagram (sorry, Aunt Barbara). But how can you do Memorial Day the PNW way?

Drink It Like You Mean It

If you want to be #goals on Memorial Day, you’re going to have to do more than post a picture of yourself on Instagram with a locally brewed beverage in hand. To up your drinking game (and enjoy yourself while doing it) we have a few adult drinking games for you to try. Are you up for the challenge? (Note: We shouldn’t have to remind you, but remember you are an adult. Please act like one and drink responsibly.)

Bend Ale Trail

A beer trail? Well, if that isn’t your idea of heaven, we don’t know what is. (If you’re more of a spirits or wine person, don’t worry; you’ll find plenty of distilleries and wineries along the way.) If you’re in Central Oregon, pick up your free Bend Ale Trail passport and collect as many stamps as you can while navigating the area’s crazy abundance of breweries. No, you won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. But if you play your cards right, you might end up with some free suds to drink—if you have your passport in hand.

McMenamins Passport

For just thirty bucks, you can wander through McMenamins own “ale trail” and have some stamps to show for it. But what the what is a McMenamins Passport? Picture this: a passport that allows you to track every McMenamins location you visit and all the new beverages you try on your way. Plus, you can win prizes like totes, burgers, appetizers, pint glasses, t-shirts, growlers, and more passport stamps. When you go to a McMenamins location, ask the server for the stamps and they’ll ask you to find something unique about that spot or complete a fun task to claim your reward.

Breweries in the Gorge

What’s better than enjoying 13 breweries along one river across two different states? Filling your brewery passport, maybe—just maybe. Take a few of your friends and enjoy some of the tastier sides of the PNW as you try some exceptional beer all along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Who knows, you may even find your new favorite brew.

Do Something a Little More Family-Friendly

If your kids are weirdos, they may enjoy watching you pound a bunch of beers on Memorial Day. But rather than making their memories about your hangover, try these family-friendly activities instead.

Rose Festival CityFair

How can you earn your parent of the year award? By taking your kids to the fair, filling them up with fried everything, and making them go on a million spinning rides until they’re hanging over the trash can like a frat boy, right? In all seriousness, though, your kids are going to love the Rose Festival City Fair, which opens the iconic festival of the same name. Whether your kids are down for the rides, food, games, or prizes, it’s definitely worth checking out.

La Push, Second Beach

If you’re going to be closer to the Washington side of the PNW, head outdoors and take the kids to La Push Second Beach! The short hike in will give your little ones time to get their wiggles out, while the destination has a bunch of tide pools, sea stacks, and the most lovable sea creatures of all: otters (awwww!).

Seattle Aquarium

Whether you live in Seattle or you’re traveling there for the holiday weekend, the aquarium is always a must-see for kids (and adults) of all ages. During this long holiday weekend, the aquarium is celebrating with Family Science Weekend, which includes unique activities like searching for plankton, hands-on science activities, and some research projects.

Get Ready for Camping Season

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally almost here—camping time! And what better time to stock up on new camping gear? But before you head home with more camping gear your significant other thinks you “don’t need,” store it in one of our units. With one of our small or large units, you can store your new gear, your old gear, and the gear you still have your eyes on without being sent to the dog house.

With activities galore to keep you and your family busy this Memorial Day, you’ll no doubt find yourself with a fresh haul of new stuff at your journey’s end (like carnival prizes, camping gear, and beer bottles you’d prefer to cellar). Help us help you find a safe, dry place to store it all in Oregon or Washington. Happy Memorial Day!

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