5 Barbecue Recipes for a Mouthwatering Memorial Day

The smell of barbecue, the taste of barbecue, and having a bunch of people over for a barbecue are all crucial components of the perfect summer party. But before you kick off the unofficial first day of summer and invite all of your friends to come over, you need to perfect a few recipes (and try some new ones) so you don’t leave your guests with a bad taste in their mouths.

1.Texas style brisket

You can take the brisket out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the brisket. This Texas brisket recipe is best slow cooked in a smoker which will allow all those delectable juices to really seep into the meat. (Warning: Be sure to make enough, or your guests may start scrapping over who gets the last morsel.)

2. PNW burger

If you want a burger that shows what the PNW is, this is the recipe for you. This crunchy, sweet, and tangy salmon burger highlights the laid back and tasty vibe that the Pacific Northwest is known for (and your heartburn won’t be giving you grief in the morning).

3. Baby back ribs

Chili’s may be known for their baby back rib jingle, but you’re now going to be known for making the best baby back ribs this side of the Rockies. These easy-to-grill baby back ribs are great to put on the grill and will have everyone at your barbecue begging for more. Who knows, you may inspire a catchy new jingle.

4. Barbecue pulled pork sandwiches

Let’s face it: Not all of us want to actually cook at the barbecue, but all of us want to eat barbecue. If you feel like you fit that mold, then slow cooking some pulled pork and pouring your favorite barbecue sauce on it may be the way to go. This crockpot barbecue pulled pork recipe is super simple and bound to make your family drool without you ever having to step in front of a grill, smoker, charcoal, or anything more than your kitchen outlet.

5. Vegan barbecue ribs

We haven’t forgotten about you, herbivore friends. Never again (we repeat, never again) will you have to pass on a barbecue with this vegan-friendly rib recipe. The great thing about these “ribs” is that they can be made ahead of time so you can throw them on the grill and start soaking up all those smoky barbecue flavors.

Another fun thing to try this summer is the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association’s cooking class on June 24. This beginner’s barbecue class will teach you everything from how to cook brisket to the art of picking the right wood.

Whichever recipe you want to try—or if you want to pull out all the stops and try them all—make this Memorial Day a memorable, mouthwatering one. In between pulling all that pork, find the perfect place to store your barbecue gear in a secure spot in Oregon or Washington.

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