6 Small-Town Benefits When You Move to Oregon City, OR

The first State Capital of Oregon and seat of Clackamas County, Oregon City, OR is about 13 miles from “Beervana” Portland, but it has its own distinct charm and vibe. One of the best things about Oregon City is that it sits where the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers meet in the Willamette Valley. That makes it a great place for fishing, hiking, and kayaking. In addition, the city is north of Eugene and Salem, Oregon, both fantastic towns that you’ll need to visit after you arrive! 

If you’re moving cross-country to Oregon City, you’re probably wondering about all the fantastic amenities the city offers. To help, below are the 6 Small-Town benefits you’ll get when you move to Oregon City, OR! Read on to discover more facts, tips, and interesting tidbits about this terrific small Oregon town.

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Is Oregon City a Good Place to Live?

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Oregon City is considered a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family and is one of the nicest cities in the state of Oregon. It’s full of entrepreneurs, outdoorsy folk, adventurers, and the beer scene is, as they say, off the chain! Oregon City offers highly rated public schools according to Niche, and the outdoor activities in and outside of the city are truly first-rate, especially biking and hiking the Oregon Trail. Nightlife in Oregon City gets high marks as does the weather, commuting times, and even crime rates, which are thankfully low. In short, Oregon City is a good place to live and a fantastic city to call home. Take a look at the rating scores Oregon City gets, and we think you’ll agree!

  • Outdoor activities – A
  • Healthy and fitness – B+
  • Public schools – B+
  • Good for families – B
  • Weather and climate – B
  • Commuting time – B
  • Jobs – B-
  • Crime and safety – B-
  • Housing – C

Is Oregon City Expensive?

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There’s no sugarcoating the fact that Oregon City, OR is a bit more expensive than other, similar cities. One of the biggest reasons the cost of living is high in Oregon City is the housing costs. For example, according to Best Places, the median cost of a home in Oregon City is just under $542,000, nearly double the national average of $292,000. Also, while the commuting time in Oregon City is short, the transportation costs associated with living there are 33% higher than the national average, a significant increase.

In short, while certainly not the most expensive city in Oregon or the United States, Oregon City is not what most would consider an affordable city. The one exception to that statement is healthcare which, for some reason, is almost 10% lower than the national average in Oregon City.

6 Benefits of Moving to a Small Town like Oregon City

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Oregon City, like many small towns, lacks some of the finer things you might find in the “big city”. However, there are many things you’ll find in Oregon City and other similar small towns that make them better. Below are 6 of the best benefits of moving to a town like Oregon City.

1. Lower crime rate

Smaller cities like Oregon City typically have crime rates far lower than bigger cities like New York, Portland, or Chicago.

2. Slower pace of life

Life is much slower in a smaller city. People take the time to say hello, take their dogs for longer walks and nitpick over every blade of grass when they mow their lawns.

3. Closer ties with the community

It’s much easier to have community ties when you’re in a community where you know a lot more folks. What makes it even better is when those folks share similar hobbies with you and are always willing to embrace the great outdoors of the PNW.

4. Less traffic

Hate staring out of your windshield while you sit in traffic? Who doesn’t?! In Oregon City, you’ll find less traffic because there are fewer people and fewer cars, simple as that. Saving time off of a long commute means more time to do the things you enjoy!

5. Less noise and pollution

Cities can be noisy places with high noise levels 24/7. However, in a small town like Oregon City, the noise levels are much lower and easier to handle. Plus, the air is usually much cleaner as it’s not filled with car fumes.

6. Lowered stress levels

Stress is a real problem today, but it’s lower in small towns like Oregon City because there’s less crime, more neighborliness, and more stress reducing activities to do, both in and out of the city. Amazing activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, etc., are right around the corner if you need to destress.

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