5 Things We’re Thankful for in the PNW

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you already know how great it is. But reflecting on what makes it so great never hurts. With Thanksgiving on the way, it’s time for us to give thanks for living in such a friendly, comfortable, and beautiful place. In our (not so humble) opinion, here’s what makes the Pacific Northwest so wonderful.

1. The changing seasons

Rain, sun, snow, wind—you can get them all in just one Pacific Northwest day. Our weather is notoriously unpredictable, and one of the things that makes the region so great. While the constant drizzles in spring and fall are few people’s favorite, they keep our vegetation lush and green. And that’s something we can all get behind. From warm, dry summer days, to nippy, snowy winters, the Pacific Northwest gets the best of all seasons. Just make sure your raincoat is always close at hand—just in case.

2. The great outdoors

Between the wet Pacific coast, the snowy mountains, and the dry, high desert, Oregon and Washington have many diverse microclimates. That means whatever outdoor adventure you’re craving, you’ll find it here, like kayaking in the San Juan Islands or rafting down the Sandy River.  We’re thankful to live in a place where the great outdoors are always close by. Now, who’s ready to go camping?

3. The craft brewing scene

The Pacific Northwest is full of makers, especially when it comes to crafting great brews. For example, the craft beer scene in Portland is world-renowned, while the Willamette Valley boasts some incredible pinot noir. Don’t forget about the local cider makers and family-owned distilleries, too. Whatever your taste, the Pacific Northwest has plenty of tasty beverages to wet your whistle.

4. The fresh seafood

Locally sourced seafood year-round? Count us in! Between salmon, Dungeness crab, and geoduck clams, the Pacific Northwest has some of the best seafood in the country. With local fishing towns all along the coast, eating local seafood isn’t just delicious; it also supports nearby communities. So whether you’re grilling some salmon at home or enjoying crab at a local restaurant, gorging on local Pacific Northwest seafood is always a good idea.

5. The local sports

Whether you’re a Timber, Sounder, Mariner, Seahawk, or Trail Blazer (or a mix thereof), you have plenty of sports to watch year-round in the Pacific Northwest. While we can, on occasion, get caught up in the long-standing (and quite heated) Sounders–Timbers rivalry, we can all agree that Pacific Northwest teams are the best (and that the Lakers are just the worst).

If you made it through this list and don’t already live in the Pacific Northwest, what are you waiting for? Pack up your stuff and head to the upper left coast! If you’re coming from California, be sure to check out these moving tips, and if Portland is your destination, learn about the cost of living here. This season (and every season), we’re thankful for the Pacific Northwest. We’re sure you will be, too.

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