Unique Self Storage Ideas: Create Your Own Wine Cellar

Do you love wine? Have you ever dreamed of having your very own wine cellar, but don’t have space? You don’t have to live in a big, fancy mansion to have access to a personal wine cellar. With climate controlled self storage units, you can maintain your own wine cellar to safely store and collect all your favorite bottles! Here are a few guidelines to get started.

A good rule of thumb is to store away bottles that you don’t intend to drink right away (within the next few weeks). Most wines have a peak time to enjoy it, so you can save it until it has aged perfectly. Generally, most good red wines will reap the most benefit from aging at around five years. After 10 years, all but the finest wines will begin to compromise in flavor. White wines with higher acidity and extract can also improve with some aging.

Ask your wine dealer for specific guidance on how long to store particular wines. It might be a good idea to create a spreadsheet or labeling system within your self storage wine cellar to help you keep track of the aging processes. You can also correlate your inventory with special occasions, so you’ll always know the perfect bottle to pop for an anniversary, birthday or holiday.

Climate is key to keeping your wine in peak condition. Heat above 70° F will start to spoil most wines. Aim for anywhere between 45° F and 65° F in your storage unit. Keep the lights off in your unit, as light can damage the delicate chemical balance in wines. A climate controlled storage unit is perfect for storing wine, as it will provide regulated temperature, darkness and consistent conditions.

When organizing your wines, it’s best to keep them on their sides to maximize space and keep the corks from drying out. You can catalogue them by varietal, year or alphabetically.

Northwest Self Storage has many convenient storage facilities in Vancouver that can be transformed into an ideal personal wine cellar. Cheers!

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