Record Store Day 2022: Tips to Celebrate

If you’re a fan of music in all its amazing forms and styles, celebrating Record Store Day is a must! It’s the biggest day of the year for celebrating independent record stores and the amazing people who keep them going. Record Store Day is an extravaganza all about the uniqueness of independent record stores! If that sounds like the kind of celebration you’d like to enjoy, read on! We’ve got everything you need to know about Record Store Day 2022 below!

What, Exactly, is Record Store Day?

Record Store Day celebrates the independent record store and its people. In addition, the day is about thanking independent record stores for the role they play in local communities. Local record stores provide a home for music fans. They are a place to relax, share ideas, chill and enjoy fantastic music, new and old. Indeed, some of the top local record stores are magnets for artists and music enthusiasts! Many come to play there, meet fans and promote their new music.

On Record Store Day 2022, all of the usual (fantastic) stuff is available! But there are also amazing special performances. DJs spin their fave vinyl, and some record stores even have parades! It’s truly a circus-like atmosphere. You can get face painting, meet with musicians, and go to cook-outs hosted by local restauranteurs!

Of course, music is the biggest reason for the Record Store Day celebration. (You can’t have record stores without music!) And, you’ll be able to get special vinyl and CD titles on May 23 only. Not to mention, some truly cool promo items are available for superfans on Record Store Day! Record labels, big and small, all get in on the action, that’s for sure! From Taylor Swift and Metallica to new local bands, you’ll get a taste of the entire music industry!

Record Store Day 2022

When is Record Store Day 2022?

Record Store Day is happening around the globe on April 23, 2022. That’s when hundreds of independent record stores across the world will be celebrating this remarkable day! FYI, it’s on a Friday, in case you need to make arrangements to get away from work to partake in all the celebrations.

Do “Big” Artists Attend Any Record Store Day Celebrations?

Since the first Record Store Day in 2008, big artists have gone out of their way to attend the celebrations. On April 19, 2008, rock superstars Metallica spent most of their day in San Francisco. Metallica spent the day at the independent record store, Rasputin Music. The band spent the day meeting guests up close and personal!
Since that first celebration, more and more bands, big and small, have been following suit. Depending on where you live, seeing some of the world’s biggest bands and artists is very possible! 2022 is also the first Record Store Day since 2019 because of the pandemic. So, we think even more artists will be attending local celebrations this year!

Who is the Record Store Day Ambassador for 2022?

The Ambassador for Record Store Day is typically a big (big!) artist. 2009 saw the first one, Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes from Eagles of Death Metal. Since then, many other notable artists have been the ambassador, including Dave Grohl, Pearl Jam, Ozzy Osbourne, and Jack White.

For 2022, the Ambassador for Record Store Day is (drumroll, please) Taylor Swift! Stars don’t come much bigger than Ms. Swift! And her song the lakes is a featured track this year! By the way, 2022 is the first year that Record Store Day has a global ambassador.

How to Get Swag at Stores

Here’s the thing about Record Store Day; it’s about celebrating small, independent record stores! You know, the cool, funky stores in every city make listening to music a lot more fun. It’s not surprising, then, that you can get all the cool swag if you go to a store. Special vinyl, premiums, and giveaways won’t be sold online or anywhere else but a local record store.

Of course, after Record Store Day ends, you’ll see a flood of swag from the event being sold online. The problem is that the prices you’ll pay will likely be ridiculous. (eBay is a blessing and a curse, it’s true.)
So, again, if you want the RSD swag, consider attending the Record Store Day celebration near you. It’s a ton of genuine fun, there’s cool swag to be had, and maybe you’ll even meet your jukebox hero!

Record Store Day 2022

There Are 3 Types of Music Released This Year

We mentioned a moment ago that you need to attend Record Store Day in person to get giveaways and other swag. When it comes to the music, however, you can get the Record Store Day special titles in 3 different flavors:

  1. Exclusive Titles: You can get access to special titles that will only be available at participating Record stores on April 23, 2022.
  2. RSD First Titles: These titles are available immediately at record stores on May 23. However, many will be released online or at other stores down the proverbial road.
  3. Small Run and Regional Titles: These titles are typically found at specific or regional stores. Also, they usually have vinyl press runs under 1000 units.

One important factor to keep in mind is that independent record stores make their own buying decisions. For example, record stores in California might have wildly different offerings than stores in Chicago, New York, or Miami.

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Record Store Day is a big deal if you love music in all its fantastic forms. It’s a fabulous, fun, community-based celebration of the stores that brighten our days, record stores!

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