Storage Unit Size Guide for Northwesterners

Everyone has different storage needs, but don’t worry; we don’t judge! Whether you need a home for your creepy doll collection, or extra space to store all your winter raincoats, we have storage that works for everyone. But choosing a unit can be difficult. How much space is too much for your outdoor gear or indoor furniture? That’s where our size guide comes in! First, though, we’ll give you an idea about what each unit fits. We’ll help you think outside the box—and about what you can put inside these boxes.

5×5 storage unit

A 5×5 storage unit (that’s five-feet-by-five-feet) gives you 25 square feet, or about 250 cubic feet of space, since most of our units are about 10 feet tall. This may seem a little small, but believe us, it packs a punch! For example, you could fit 2,700 10-inch-tall garden gnomes inside just one 5×5 unit. This size feels a bit like a walk-in closet, so if gnomes aren’t your thing, you could also choose to store items like garden tools, seasonal decorations, office supplies, and boxes of seasonal clothing. The choice is up to you, but we’ve always been fans of a good garden gnome collection.

5×10 storage unit

With a 5×10 storage unit, you get 50 square feet of storage space, or about 500 cubic feet. This size is popular since it’s so versatile and functional. In fact, you can fit 2,520 bottles of craft beer, or 105 cases. If you pack bottles in without crates or cases, you could fit 3,375 instead! That’s a bit too much for even the most tenacious beer drinker to enjoy all at once, but with our climate-controlled storage unit, your microbrewery is now in business. This size of unit is also perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. If you’re planning a home or office remodel, this unit has plenty of space to keep your furniture and possessions safe during construction.

5×15 storage unit

A 5×15 unit gives you 75 square feet, or 750 cubic feet of space. Fixed gear bikes are all the rage in the great Pacific Northwest, and with this trusty unit, you can store about 33 of them in just one unit. If that’s too many bikes for you, this size is also perfect for storing up to two rooms worth of stuff from your home. If you’re a business owner, this unit has plenty of space for storing inventory or office equipment. And if you’re moving between homes, this size is great for storing appliances and larger piece of furniture.

10×10 storage unit

The Pacific Northwest is known for its amazing coffee. With classic big brands like Starbucks, and smaller boutique coffee shops springing up around Oregon and Washington, hoarding beans isn’t such a strange thing. So with this 10×10 unit, you can store 25,362 bags of coffee. This unit also fits an entire living room and two full bedrooms worth of furniture.

10×15 storage unit

Beards are another big part of the Pacific Northwest, and they need to be cared for. If you’re planning on stocking up on jars of beard balm, this 10×15 storage unit gives you 150 square feet to work with. That’s room for more than 472,300 jars of beard balm, enough to keep every hipster mustache in Portland looking good for years! This storage unit will hold the content of about three bedrooms, too. It’s also perfect for storing larger, awkwardly shaped objects like televisions, pianos, tables, and shelving.

10×20 storage unit

If the 10×20 unit caught your eye, we don’t blame you. This 200-square-feet behemoth is a popular choice! To give you a sense of its size, you could store about 27 nine-foot-tall Sasquatches in just one unit (but we suggest sticking to just one, because they need room to roam). If catching Sasquatch isn’t in the cards for you, this unit will also fit about five rooms worth of furniture, as well as larger appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

10×25 storage unit

The 10×25 unit gives you a whopping 250 square feet of space! That’s plenty of room to store all your outdoor gear, like your 42 kayaks stacked up or 72 kayaks leaned against the walls. It’s all about how you use the space. But if you’re a land dweller, this unit has enough space to fit all the rooms in your house. Easily store your big appliances, beds, furniture, and clothes! There’s also plenty of room to store your RV or car in big units like these.

Now that you know what will fit in each size of storage unit, which one will you go for? Whether it’s garden gnomes or piles and piles of kayaks, we’ve got room for all your Pacific Northwest gear. Remember, size matters. So find a secure unit in Oregon or Washington that fits your storage needs today!

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