How to Organize your Storage Unit

The secret to stress-free Northwest Self Storage solutions is keeping everything organized. Just because you don’t live in your storage unit doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be neat. There are several ways to maximize the space in storage units that will make the trip to “get something out of storage” a breeze. Here are three self storage tips to streamline your storage unit:

1. Sort Items into Categories

Once you’ve decided what you need to put in storage, divide those items into categories like “seasonal” or “outdoor”. You can also categorize by room, such as “kitchen” or “bedroom.” Decide on a method that works best for you. Important things to consider when categorizing items are when you’ll need to retrieve things, how often you’ll need an item, and how long certain things will stay in storage. This will come in handy when organizing your unit because the things you rarely need access to can be in the back of the unit or on the bottom of the stacked storage boxes.

2. Label Everything

Whether you choose clear plastic boxes or solid cardboard, you should always label boxes by category. Take it one step further by cataloging each item using a spreadsheet, then implement a system of labeling that will allow you to know where every last item can be found. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it can be a lifesaver when your Great Aunt Martha comes to visit and you need to display that interesting painting she gifted you at your wedding 20 years ago.

3. Consider Shelving

Many people are hesitant to “invest” in furnishing their storage units, but when it comes to ease of use an organized space is the best space. A trip to your Northwest Self storage unit can be met with rainy, cold, overcast weather conditions that make standing outside with an open storage unit a hassle. A labeled, organized, shelved system will help optimize your time and get you back to the things you really want to do (like use that toy you just took out of storage). Storage units are a great way to keep your home clutter-free while keeping your precious items or seasonal gear safe. Make the most of your Northwest Self Storage unit by getting organized! Find a storage unit near your with Northwest Self Storage!

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