How to Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

Are you wondering how to deal with empty nest syndrome? We can help cure your empty nest woes, so stay tuned! Many parents believe that raising children is one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Children are a blessing, bringing us joy, laughter, and a reason to keep going, even when times are tough. Raising a child to be caring, compassionate, and smart takes dedication and patience. (Lots and lots of patience.)

The irony is that, even as we prepare our children to leave, we secretly dread the day they do. We love having kids around because they fill our homes with love! Every day is a new adventure when you’ve got children under your roof!

Still, birds fly the nest, bees buzz off, and children leave home. On that day, whether you have one child or many, the true meaning of the term “empty nest” will become clear. (Minus the feathers, of course.)
So the question is, how can you deal with it? What can you do to handle the inevitable emotions empty nest syndrome produces? Above all, how can you move into the next part of your life?

Here at Northwest Self Storage, we’ve seen a lot of parents in your position. The kids are gone, and you’re unsure what to do about it. (Or what to do with all their stuff!) So to help you get through this difficult time, below are useful tips on how to deal with empty nest syndrome. Use them as you see fit to repurpose your nest and fill it with something new, exciting, and life-enhancing!

Create a Bed and Breakfast in Your Empty Nest

Depending on the layout of your home, turning it into a bed and breakfast might be extremely simple. Airbnb, Vrbo, Tripping, and other online portals empower you to host all, or part, of your home. If you’re OK with it, you can have guests in your home, renting your empty rooms. Separate entrances make it even easier. If you have an in-law suite, accessible basement, guest house, whatever, you can host that too.

There are several good reasons to host your home and a few drawbacks. The good reasons include meeting new people and caring for guests. Plus, it’s another stream of income. You can make extra money to pay the mortgage, go on vacation, pay bills, and spoil your grandkids.

The biggest upside of home hosting is a renewed sense of purpose for some folks. When your kids are gone, the sense of purpose you once had can become seriously deflated. Taking care of people, even if they’re strangers, might be just the ticket to getting over empty nest syndrome! (Making a few extra bucks is icing on the cake!)

However, there are drawbacks to hosting your home, as there always are in the service industry. Unruly guests can cause damage to your home. And if you aren’t prepared to deal with that (or don’t want to), hosting your home might be a hard pass.

how to deal with empty nest syndrome

Empty Nest Syndrome Cure? New Hobbies!

After the kids move out, some parents feel an intense amount of boredom. With no lunches to make, homework to check, laundry to wash, etc., that’s not surprising. The cure? Fill this new extra time with an activity you find rewarding. For example, crafting, collecting, working out, or playing cards. You can easily share your hobbies with others. Whether your spouse, a friend, or a hobby-centric Facebook group, it’s fun to do things with others.

The good news is that once they’ve left, you’ll have access to your child’s bedroom, or maybe several of them. You can start putting your empty nest to work and making something new! This allows you to turn that extra space into your special space. For example;

  • A crafting room where you make items to sell on Etsy and other handmade craft websites.
  • A home office (instead of that carved-out space in the corner of the kitchen).
  • A workout room where you and your friends stay in shape.
  • A music room to practice and enjoy tunes.
  • A Lego city, a la Will Ferrel in The Lego Movie.
  • A video studio for making Youtube videos.
  • A book and wine club for you and your Pinot-sipping peers.
how to deal with empty nest syndrome

Do Volunteer Work to Fight Empty Nest Syndrome

Volunteering is a fantastic solution if you’re feeling out of it sitting in your now-quiet home. In most American towns, there are all sorts of volunteer opportunities available. You’ll find them at schools, shelters, churches, and colleges. Indeed, many organizations are always on the search for new volunteers.

The best reason to volunteer is to get out of the house and connect with people. Meeting new people, helping those in need, and a sense of belonging are tangible rewards of volunteering. Many folks find it to be extremely rewarding and satisfying.

Ditch Your Empty Nest and Travel the World

With no kids depending on you daily, you’re free to get up and go! Many empty-nesters take this time to do one thing they’ve always wanted; travel the world. Some even go so far as to purchase an RV and hit the road full-time! Others leave the country altogether for foreign lands, different cultures, and new experiences. One thing is certain; traveling is better than sitting at home, moping around because the kids are gone.

how to deal with empty nest syndrome

Get a Part-Time Job

Many parents put their careers on hold when they have kids. A part-time job might be the perfect solution to get over empty nest syndrome if that’s you. Once hired, you’ll instantly be part of a team and gain newfound camaraderie. If you’re the kind that likes a challenge, learning the ins and outs of a new job is a good one! Most importantly, a part-time job gets you out of the house and away from its silence.

How to Deal with Empty Nest Syndrome

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As we mentioned earlier, we’ve seen many parents deal with empty-nest syndrome here at Northwest Self Storage. Why? Because many bring their children’s stuff here to store in one of our self-storage units! It’s the easy way to clear out their bedrooms and repurpose them after the kids move out.

Northwest offers self-storage units in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington that are clean, safe, and secure. They come in various sizes that accommodate 1, 2, or more bedrooms’ worth of stuff. Also, you can access your self-storage unit whenever you like to put things in or take them back out.

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We hope today’s tips on dealing with empty nest syndrome were helpful and productive. Remember, even though they no longer live under your roof, your kids will always be your kids. Now go out there and get started on this next chapter in the book of you!

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