7 Moving Tips for Relocating to Clackamas, OR

Are you moving to Clackamas, Oregon? If yes, good for you! Clackamas is in the heart of Oregon, near downtown Portland. It’s close to Hillsboro and Oregon City and adjacent to lovely Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, and Vancouver. If you’re moving here soon, the information below will be helpful. We have 7 moving tips for relocating to Clackamas, OR, to help you get here in one piece! Read on to find the tips, plus more information about moving to Clackamas, including how to choose a long-distance mover.

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7 Tips: What you should know when moving to Clackamas, Oregon

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1. Start Planning your Move to Clackamas as Early as Possible

The earlier you start planning your move and arranging your moving services, the better. That’s especially true in summer when many more people move to Clackamas. Moving experts suggest starting to plan a move 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time.

2. Get at Least 3 Moving Estimates

Moving estimates are essential if you hire a moving company to move to Oregon and Clackamas County. You should get at least 3, if not 4, or 5, to compare and pick the mover with the best price and services.

3. Pack Non-Fragile Items Yourself to Save Money

Non-fragile items like toys, shoes, linens, clothes, plastic ware, and more can be easily packed in boxes. To save money, consider getting boxes ahead of time and packing those items on your own. It could save you hundreds of dollars!

4. Give Away, Donate, or Sell Anything You Don’t Want, Need, or Use

The more you move to Clackamas County, the more it will cost. That’s why it’s imperative to get rid of anything you don’t want, need or use. Donate, sell, or trash those items to save big bucks.

5. Purchase Warm Clothing

Clackamas is right next to Portland, and, as you might know, Portland has long, wet, cold winters. If you’re moving to Clackamas from an area with warm weather, purchasing winter clothes before you arrive is imperative. That way, you won’t freeze or be uncomfortable when you arrive.

6. Reserve a Rental Moving Truck Early

Like preparing early, reserving a rental truck if you plan to move things yourself is imperative. Unfortunately, in summer and on weekends, trucks are tough to find. So, the earlier you lock in a reservation, the better.

7. Lock-In Your Dates for Moving Day and Delivery Day

This last tip is critical. If you don’t lock in your moving dates, including pick-up and delivery, you’ll be at the mercy of your movers, especially when moving cross-country. Our suggestion; pick a  mover with guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates, like Bekins Van Lines. Then, all your moving supplies and trucks will be arranged ahead of time.

Is Happy Valley the Same as Clackamas?

neighborhood with Mount Hood in the background

Happy Valley is a small town in the Portland metro area close to Clackamas and Clackamas County. However, Happy Valley is separate from Clackamas and has its own charms and amenities.

What’s it Like Living in Clackamas Oregon?

Living in Clackamas is a dream during late spring, summer, and early fall. The weather is fantastic, the area is green and beautiful, and there’s much to do, see and enjoy thoroughly. There are a few significant problems in the area: the public and local high schools are rated highly, and real estate prices aren’t too high. The cost of living is relatively affordable, the nightlife is fantastic and there are plenty of jobs. In short, living in Clackamas can be excellent.

Is Clackamas Considered Portland?

For most who live here, yes, Clackamas is considered Portland. It’s in the Portland metro area, and you can get there in minutes from some parts of Clackamas county. Clackamas is one of the 5 counties that comprise the Portland area, including Marion, Wasco, Multnomah, and Washington counties.

Who Lives in Clackamas?

Mostly younger folks and young families live in Clackamas, although you’ll find a wide range of peoples, customs, and traditions living here. Portland is known as a city with an excellent beer and food scene, first-class music/entertainment, and many outdoor adventure opportunities. Many executives live here, especially ones from Nike and Intel. The people that live here can take advantage of all these amenities and more.

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