““We absolutely love working with Sherwood Storage! We have a small business and use the storage daily to store and organize our supplies. The owners work with our shipments on a daily basis. They are so flexible and willing to work with us in storing our items that it makes our job much easier! We love that they are a family owned business as you can truly see the pride they have in their storage facility with its cleanliness and organization. Thank you Sherwood Storage!!””
– Melissa Q., Sherwood Storage Customer
“Besides the state-of-the-art facility, the management lives and works on-site, so I was treated like a good neighbor. The service is what makes me happy to use St. Johns Storage.”
Simone, St. Johns Storage

“I have been with 88th St. Storage for a year now, it is the wonderful management that keeps me here. Cathy is so, so wonderful. I’ve needed her help more than once and she has always been there for me and was happy to do so.”
-Robin, 88th Street Storage

“As a Territory Manager for a consumer goods company, I have used 6 different storage facilities over the past 12 years. None has given me the service and quality of facilities that St. Johns Storage has given me. Indoor loading and unloading, cleanliness, and shipment receiving has been the best. I highly recommend St. Johns Storage to anybody.”
-Chris P., St Johns Storage

“We saw an ad for 88th Street Storage. Since it was so close to our new house, we decided to check it out. The staff was friendly, the facility was well maintained and the price was right. On our last move (2 months ago), we had no doubt where to go. To our surprise, there was a new management team. I was a little apprehensive at first, but when I met Cathy and John, that all changed. The minute you walk through the door, you receive a warm smile and greeting. In no time at all, you feel like old friends. In this day and age with so many businesses focusing more on the bottom line than on the customer, it is refreshing to find a business that still cares for the customer.”
-Lewis D., 88th Street Storage

“It’s a great place to store. Great customer service! Accommodating with a nice welcome every single time. Keri and Paul are the perfect face of Just Store It!”
-Earl & Geri T., Wilsonville, Just Store It

“I’ve had the “opportunity” to store my personal items at a number of storage facilities around the country, as I’ve moved many times. Most of the time the experience is much the same- fill out the paperwork, rent the space, then “just store it”, with no real interaction with staff between move-in and move-out day. However, my experience with “JUST STORE IT” in Wilsonville from day one has been entirely different. Keri and Paul really care about what they’re doing and concentrate their efforts on making this the “best” storage facility and experience for their customers. Everything is always immaculate. They’re cheerful andprofessional (an unusual combination these days), and they’re ready with answers and help when requested. They seem to enjoy their job(s), their customers, and one another. How nice!”
F. Hamilton, Wilsonville, Just Store It

Resident Managers Paul & Keri give customer service that is STELLAR! They are concerned that every customer is satisfied with their experience at the facility.
Tom Corcoran, Wilsonville, Just Store It

I commend Cornelius Mini Storage, Debbie, on the extraordinary level of customer service I have received the past two years. She has been tremendously flexible and accommodating.
D. Clark, Cornelius Mini Storage

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