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Storage insurance, or tenant insurance, is more than just insuring your investment. It’s ensuring your peace of mind. Yet it’s still one of those things that our tenants don’t often know much about. Once they do, though, they have a lot of questions. We’re offering up some answers on the most common questions we get about tenant insurance.


Q: Why do I need tenant insurance?

Northwest Self Storage requires tenant insurance.  Whether you have your own through your homeowners or renter's insurance or purchase a policy through us - it's required. It's inexpensive and there is no deductable. 


Q: What does tenant insurance cover?

Our security features are top-notch, but there’s not much we can do about severe weather such as tornados, earthquakes or flooding. For as little as 26 cents a day, you’re covered in case of severe natural disasters – and just about any other form of damage that could happen.


Q: Does the policy offer month-to-month coverage?

Yep, because what good would a month-to-month lease be if you have to keep insurance for a specific amount of time? You can get more details about policy options at your nearest facility.


Q: How do I sign up?

Visit one of our 75 locations, rent a storage unit and the manager will be happy to assist you. Just tell them you’re looking into getting tenant insurance!

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