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Classes, homework, clubs, organizations, schedules, jobs – life gets hectic when you’re a college student. Stuff starts to pile up, not only on your itinerary but also in your small dorm room or apartment. When sharing space begins to cramp your lifestyle, that’s when it’s time to check out student storage.

4 Benefits to Student Storage

  1. Room to Stretch: There are some things that need to stay nearby your dorm or apartment every semester, but there’s just not enough room in your small space. Things like books from last semester, the dozens of notes you took and want to access, projects you’re proud of, seasonal clothing and shoes, and general mementoes that you’ve collected each year. Renting a small storage locker will allow you to keep it all close without cluttering up your space.
  1. A Safe Place on Break: When it’s time to go home for the holidays, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your items while you’re gone. Month-to-month leasing at Northwest offers you the flexibility to store while you’re away, and stop when you get back. Furniture, clothing, jewelry, and other important items can be tucked away for safekeeping until next semester.
  1. Keep it Organized: Each semester brings a lot of work – work you want to keep in order to reference as the classes get more in-depth. Trying to figure out where to put it all can get overwhelming. Using a separate storage unit with small filing cabinets will go a long way in ensuring it’s in the right place. Add in a small bookshelf or two, and you can store your favorite expensive textbook or personal reading, too.
  1. Hobby Haven: Extra space is not just about a place to put more things. It can also be a space to get away for some hobby time that can get a little messy. Whether you like crafts, prefer a paint brush, or are into building RC cars, a storage unit gives you “me time” and room to spread out. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any of your roommates messing with it.

Steps to Storing:

  • Check out the list of colleges below that have Northwest Self Storage nearby
  • Use our Sizing Guide and handy storage calculator to figure out your needs
  • Click the Rent Now button and fill out the required information
  • Set up your online account for auto pay
  • Check out our packing tips for help getting it all into your unit
  • Enjoy all your new-found space!


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