At Northwest Self Storage we work with many local charities and organizations in building strong communities and improving the lives of others. We pride ourselves on making a difference in our communities. We are dedicated to provide support when the need arises.

Our sponsorships and employee team efforts that Northwest Self Storage supports are:

K9 — Drug Dog Detection

  • We offer our facilities as training grounds for all local K9 units. The role of a drug dog is to assist in narcotics investigations by using the unique capabilities of a dog’s nose to investigate.


  • We work with the local police department to make sure our facilities are safe and secure. By providing our facilities as a training ground, we ensure that all stored goods are safe and legal.

My Father’s House

  • During the holiday season we do a canned food drive at all facilities. Tenants can bring in 10 cans for $10.00 off their rent. Cans are donated to My Father’s House and other local charities. My Father’s house helps families transform their lives. They provide housing, education and a supportive community so homeless families can regain independence.

Overall, our goal is to provide help and support whenever needed. We are happy to provide storage to local sport leagues, police and fire departments, military units, among many others. We feel that what you give comes back 10 fold.