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Storing Your Winter Clothes

In a perfect world, you’d have unlimited closet space and plenty of room for your winter clothes without the need to store them away. Living in Centralia Washington, though, you know how much space those bulky sweaters, thick jeans and oversized coats can take up. When it’s time to store your winter clothes, look to self storage and take these steps to keep them in pristine condition throughout the summer.

5 Tips for Storing Winter Clothing in Centralia, Washington

  1. Wash your clothes thoroughly. Soiled clothes attract mold and pest insects, so wash your clothing thoroughly before storing them for the summer. Even if you think your clothes are clean, run them through the washer and dryer one time to prevent staining and damage from pests.
  1. Store them in a climate-controlled area. Don’t pack your clothes away in the attic or the basement. Direct sunlight and damp basements can create numerous problems, such as fading and mildew. If you look to storage companies to house your winter clothing, choose a climate-controlled unit to prevent heat and moisture damage.
  1. Use the correct packaging for your clothes. Pack your clothing in plastic containers to keep out unwanted pests during storage. Place the heavier clothes on the bottom, and wrap them all in acid-free, pH-neutral paper to prevent yellowing and fading. You should also store furs and other delicate items in wardrobe boxes and hang them to prevent wrinkling and deterioration.
  1. Label your items accordingly. Label each box according to the contents it contains. Use a permanent marker to jot down the information on the side, such as the clothing type and to which family member it belongs. Labeling the boxes accordingly helps you easily find your clothing once you take it out of storage.
  1. Use self storage for your winter clothes. With self storage, you don’t have to make extra room in your home for your winter clothing. Just pack all your clothes, and keep them safe and secure in a storage unit. If you’re looking for storage companies with climate control, Northwest Self Storage can help with that! You’ll not only get a unit that prevents heat and moisture damage, but also keeps out pests for season-long protection.
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Amazing Storage Unit Auctions Finds

People have searched for lost treasures long before the show “Storage Wars” hit the air. Though not all Northwest Self Storage units contain hidden treasures worth thousands, some auction finds can yield a hefty return on your investment. If you’ve never thought about attending storage auctions in Vancouver, Washington before, these stories might just interest you.

Finding Treasure in Storage Units

There’s history in the making.

A storage auction in Virginia led to a significant find for Bob, a man who placed a successful $27,000 bid on two units. Inside the units, he found Civil War documents, Harry Truman’s cane and rare artwork. Because the bidders had a good idea of how valuable the units were, the starting bid was placed at $10,000.

It’s funny what you can find.

In 1997, Nicolas Cage bought a pristine copy of Action Comics No. 1 for $150,000. Three years later, it was stolen and remained missing for more than a decade until a storage auction in the San Fernando Valley took place. The winning bidder placed the comic on a collector site and sold it for more than two million dollars.

We take cash for gold.

A San Jose man paid $1,100 dollars for an abandoned storage unit and came out of the auction a richer man. Inside the unit, he found numerous rare coins and a few gold and silver bars in a plastic container. After getting it all appraised, his treasure was worth $500,000.

He scored at the buzzer.

Adrian Petrus attended a storage auction in Maryland and paid $300 for a unit hoping he didn’t just inherit a bunch of junk. On the contrary, he found Dikembe Mutombo memorabilia inside, such as autographed basketballs, shoes, trading cards and photos of Dikembe posing with Michael Jackson and other celebrities. Though Adrian reached out to Dikembe about the memorabilia, he never heard anything back. Adrian sold the items later on eBay.

Test Your Luck at Storage Auctions in Vancouver, Washington

People use self storage for numerous reasons, but when they can no longer pay, their items get sold at auctions. Whereas some units may contain video game consoles, priceless heirlooms and even cars, others contain old household goods and a mattress or two. You’ll never know what you’ll find at Northwest Self Storage in Vancouver until you get out there. Find an auction and test your luck in the storage wars!

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DIY Secret Household Storage Space

Running out of traditional storage spaces in your home? If your cupboards, attic, basement, cabinets and other storage areas are bursting at their seams, you have two main options: Get rid of some things, or start getting creative about where you store items. Many hidden, unused parts of the home can double as places to store small, easily concealed items.

One way to clear up space for the small stuff is by storing larger items like furniture in Northwest Self Storage units in Centralia, Washington. It’s the perfect way to make space without having to permanently get rid of belongings. Once you’ve moved your big items to a storage facility, you still have some great options for creating smart storage in your home.

Secret Storage Areas in the Home

So, where are the best, most secret places to store away small- and medium-sized items in the home? Here are a few ideas:

  • Look up! Install shelves that go all the way to the ceiling. You’ll be amazed by how many items you can sock away on high shelves and how unnoticeable they are once they’re safely packed away up there.
  • Look down! By investing in low-profile storage boxes, you can easily store away odds and ends beneath beds, sofas, tables and other large pieces of furniture.
  • Look behind! Try installing small shelves and/or hooks behind cupboard doors, cabinet doors and closet doors. Suddenly, you have a whole new place to store lightweight items, and your home becomes a lot less cluttered.
  • Look inside! Lots of furniture can double as storage space. A large trunk, for instance, can easily be used as a bench or table.

What to Do with the Rest?

If some of these options don’t work for you and you still need a place to put small- to medium-sized items, there’s plenty of room for that kind of stuff, too, in Northwest Self Storage facilities in Centralia, Washington. You can rent units as small as four feet by five feet, and as big as 24 feet by 30 feet. Whatever you need to store, big or small, Northwest will help you find the perfect solution. Contact Northwest Self Storage today to find out about our unit rates and availability.

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Storage Tips for Dorm Room Living

One of the first things you’re likely to say upon stepping into your first dorm room is, “How is all my stuff supposed to fit in here?” The problem is exacerbated by having to share that limited space with a roommate. By keeping a few creative storage and space-saving tips in mind, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by how uncrowded and uncluttered dorm living can actually be.

1. Store Large, Bulky Items Elsewhere. There’s no sense in allowing large, bulky items to monopolize the precious little space you have. Store such items in a storage unit instead. If you’ll be attending Centralia College, you can easily find affordable Northwest Self Storage in Centralia, Washington. In fact, make a point of checking out storage units in Centralia, Washington before moving in. By storing these items, you’ll free up a ton of space and can retrieve your belongings when you’re ready to move into roomier digs.

2. Invest in Closet Organizers. Closets never seem big enough. Maximum this space with closet organizers. Hanging shelves, double-hang clothing rods, locker shelves and drawers can effectively double or triple the storage space you have at your disposal.

3. Use the Space Above and Below Your Bed. If your bed is really low to the ground, use bed lifts to create more room. Next, take measurements, invest in storage tubs and bins, and store various things under the bed. Install a shelf or two above your bed to take advantage of the vertical space too, and consider adding a few hooks to the shelves for even more storage options.

If possible, also consider investing in corner shelves, extra hooks and storage furniture – like ottomans that open up into storage bins – to keep various odds and ends. Meanwhile, take larger pieces of furniture and other big, bulky items and keep them in storage units in Centralia, Washington. Finding self storage in Centralia, Washington is easy enough, and it’s nice to know that your things are nearby and ready for you whenever you need them!

Contact Northwest Self Storage to find an affordable storage facility near you and start maximizing your space!

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Vancouver Home and Garden Fair

The Clark Public Utilities Home & Garden Idea Fair will provide the Clark County community with fun and interesting activities for the entire family from April 25-27. Demonstrations showing innovative ways to enhance your home and garden will also take place at this fun event, which attracts 20,000 people on an annual basis.

The Specialty Nursery Association of Clark County will be selling plants, and artisan goods, cut flowers and fresh produce will be provided by local farmer’s market vendors. There will also be displays that will show you how to reduce energy waste, and presentations by local home and garden experts. Interactive activities provided by Radio Disney’s Team Green will entertain the younger ones in your family.

Once you have picked up and used some of the latest and greatest gardening and home improvement items that will be available at this event, you may want to use Northwest Self Storage in Vancouver, Washington, to store your loot. You can store tools and rotate them seasonally as needed and free up space in your home or garage. Northwest Self storage in Vancouver is also an option for those who may want to use what they purchased later in the year.

The hours for the fair will be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on April 25th and 26th and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 27th. Admission is free, while parking at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, Washington, will cost $6. Free shuttle buses will also be provided from the 99th Street and C-Tran’s Fisher’s Landing Transit Centers.

After the event, be sure to check out Northwest Self Storage in Vancouver, Washington for all of your home and garden storage needs. We have six area locations with 7-day-a-week access and a variety of sizes and amenities.

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No More Soggy Stuff!

Washington never keeps you guessing about the weather. If it hasn’t rained in the last hour, give it another five minutes. When the water builds up enough, it leaks into basements and causes damage to books, clothing and other belongings. However, you can learn how to store your items safely at home and in a WA storage facility and protect them from Washington’s wet weather.

Self Storage Tips
Keep your items safely inside plastic containers with sealed lids. Practicing good storage safety ensures your belongings stay nice and dry in damp conditions.

Store your belongings on pallets to keep them off the floor. Wrap your belongings in plastic wrap to keep dust and water from ruining your clothes or books.

If you’ve been storing clothing in a basement or attic, you can get mildew smells out of your stored clothing with vinegar and water. Place your clothing in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar, and run the washer. Once the cycle ends, run the washer again with laundry soap. Afterward, place your clothing in the dryer using the highest heat setting.

Of course, climate controlled storage from Northwest Self Storage can help protect your items from these types of environmental factors.

Play it Safe with Storage Safety
Use these self storage tips to keep your belongings dry and protected from Washington’s wet climate. Storing your belongings in a WA storage facility also provides a great alternative when you need maximum protection against water damage. A storage unit reduces clutter in your basement, and you can rest assured that your items will be safe from the elements.

Find a Washington storage location near you.

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Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Prepare for your storage unit before the weather gets you!

Winter weather in the Pacific Northwest has a reputation for being cold, wet, and generally miserable. Unless your belongings are sheltered appropriately, this nasty weather can destroy your treasured property. Storage also ensures that seasonal items will not clutter your home. Here are some tips to prepare for winter self storage:

Invest in Appropriate Containers
Cardboard boxes are cheap and easy to find, but cardboard deteriorates quickly. Durable plastic containers are more likely to repel moisture and pests, and these containers will last longer than cardboard boxes. Additionally, these containers stack easily, so you can optimize your storage space.

Clean Everything
If you plan to store something for the whole season, make sure that it is clean first. When you are ready to retrieve your items, you probably don’t want to open a box of dusty, dirty things. Filth can only accumulate over time. A proper cleaning before storing can ensure that your items are clean and ready to use when you recover them.

Avoid the Garage
The garage might seem like a convenient storage option, but most garages are not equipped to protect sensitive materials from the elements. Many garages are poorly insulated, so temperatures can fluctuate. Additionally, moisture control can be an issue in garages, and sensitive property can be damaged by high humidity, mold, and mildew.

Self Storage in the Pacific Northwest
For a simple solution to your winter self storage needs, consider finding space in a reliable storage facility. For self storage in Washington and Oregon, Northwest Self Storage offers a wide variety of storage options to meet your individual needs. We are currently running promotions at many of our locations, so check out our specials to save even more on storage!