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Find creative uses for our rentable space, like an art studio or gallery space.

If you’re ready to follow your passions or take your business to the next step, we’re here to help. Sometimes all you need is a little extra space. Whether it’s finally getting that creative studio you’ve always dreamed of, or an office for your blossoming startup, extra space can make all the difference. With our help, you can make those dreams a reality. Here are a few creative ways to use our rentable workspace.

Creative space

Converting part of your home into a fine art studio isn’t always feasible. Creativity doesn’t stick to a schedule, so you really need a dedicated space to spread out and let your art take over. If you’re always using the spare room at home, you need to clean and tidy up constantly. That really puts a damper on your art. A dedicated studio space is the perfect solution.

Another way to express your creativity is through gallery space. Creating a place to display and share your art is almost as important as making it. We’ve got space for that, too! Turning a storage unit into gallery space is simple, easy, and gets your art out into the world.

If music is more your thing, we’ve got room for that, too. Stop inconveniencing your roommates or family with band practice at home. We have the perfect space for your weekly jam session or for your own recording studio. Forget annoying the neighbors; with dedicated space, you’ll be making music without bothering—or getting bothered by—anyone.

Office space

If you’ve got a growing startup, it’s time to get out of the garage and into an office. While many successful companies start small, there’s always room for growth. A dedicated office space is a great next step. Whether it’s a space to entertain clients or hold meetings, or just a quiet place for your team to work, an office lends credibility and professionalism to your business. If your team is growing, having desks and a place to collaborate can help you build a loyal and strong company culture.

Warehouse space

If your business deals in physical goods, you need a place to store your inventory. Some warehouse space can make all difference. Forget storing inventory at home, as it’s more difficult to insure and can easily take over your life. Renting warehouse space gives you a safe place to keep your inventory. Give yourself peace of mind and do something smart for your business all at once.

Retail space

Online stores can only do so much. Sometimes a physical location is what your brand really needs. Retail stores help your business become part of the community and grow brand awareness. Physical locations make customer service easier and spare your customers shipping costs. If you’re making the jump to brick-and-mortar locations, we have great options.

Whether you’re looking for an art studio to pursue your passions or some office space to grow your business, we can help you out. Now find the space that’s right for you and get ready to move in! Need help moving your inventory or office furniture? Find out more about our free move-in truck rental, offered at select Northwest Self Storage locations.

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Find creative uses for our rentable space, like an art studio or gallery space.
Tuesday May 29, 2018