Transitioning Your Home Into Colder Weather

Latern in Winter

Canby, Oregon is no stranger to snow, ice and great skiing opportunities. But even the most prepared have a hard time transitioning to the cold. And so does your house. Getting ready for winter isn’t just about exchanging swimsuits for flannel shirts. Your home’s interior and exterior both require a little time and attention to prepare them for the drop in temperature. Here are a few tips from Northwest Self Storage to help you get started.

Indoor Winter Preparation Tips

First, check all weather-stripping and caulk around your doors and windows to keep out the cold air and help you save money on energy bills. To stay warm and toasty, make sure your heating unit is working properly and its filters are clean. If you have a fireplace, you’ll need to stock up on fire logs, and make sure the area around the fireplace is safe and uncluttered. You’ll also need to ensure the chimney is obstruction-free. Before the first freeze hits, be sure your bedrooms are dressed for winter with your heavier comforters, electric blankets and flannel sheets. If your nose and skin tend to become dry in winter, set up your humidifier to stop the discomfort before it starts. Pack your summer clothes to make room in your closet for your sweaters and boots.

Outdoor Winter Preparation Tips

To get ready for winter storms, stock up on salt to melt ice. Check the exterior of your house for weaknesses that could become serious problems in severe weather. For example, inspect your roof for leaks and damaged shingles. Cover exterior pipes, and prepare supplies needed to protect vulnerable plants from freezing. Ensure that your car is equipped with winter emergency items.

Self Storage Is a Winter Lifesaver

Outdoor summer items like pool floats and toys, outdoor sports and fishing equipment, kiddie pools, lawn and garden equipment and barbecue grills can take up room and leave your yard cramped and cluttered. Instead of trying to cover them or simply letting them accumulate snow, find them a safe, warm temporary home in a self storage unit. You can also store unused indoor items and your entire summer wardrobe to leave your home neat and organized. If you need to access stored items, they are always conveniently within reach. Check out Northwest Self Storage’s local storage facilities for information about climate-controlled storage units that protect your belongings from freezing temperatures and moisture. With your home prepped for the cold weather, you can focus on making the most of the winter season.

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