Tips for storing clothing: Keep it Cool, Clean, Dark & Dry at Northwest Self Storage

With the chilly winter months fast approaching, it?s time to dig out your favorite sweaters, hats and scarves and pack away your swimsuits, shorts and flip-flops. Switching out seasonal clothing is an excellent way to save space. To make room in your closet for your favorite winter apparel, consider taking advantage of the fantastic self storage has to offer. Enlisting the help of a self storage company is a great way to ensure that your summer favorites stay clean and protected until next year. Just make sure you follow some basic guidelines to keep your garments in optimal condition. Here are some self storage tips to help you get started. Self Storage Basics

  1. Wash Your Clothes
    • Any dirt or debris that is left on your clothing can set in and permanently stain your clothes. It also sends out a welcome signal for insects to take up residence.
    • Simply wash and dry each item as usual.
  2. Choose Storage Containers
    • Clear plastic bins make it easy to see which items you have stored. However, if there are any insect larvae in the clothing, they will have a hay day. Be sure to disinfect your bins and be sure they are made of polypropylene.
    • Cardboard boxes provide a temporary solution but may attract bugs.
    • The best option is a clean suitcase lined with acid-free tissue.
  3. Protect with Cedar
    • Though mothballs have been a staple storage accessory for years, they have quite a strong odor and can be quite dangerous to both children and pets.
    • Opt for cedar blocks or balls. The pleasant smell is actually rather effective at staving off unwanted pests.
  4. Roll Them Up
    • Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them to avoid creases and save space.
  5. Sort by Style
    • Grouping like items together will make it much easier to grab and go when you need that one particular outfit next spring.
    •  Be sure to label your containers.
  6. Let Them Breathe
    • Carefully wrap your clothing in a breathable fabric, such as cotton, leaving enough room for air to circulate throughout each layer.
    • Place heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top.

Correctly storing your clothes is the key to keeping them in great condition so that they are ready to wear when the weather gets warm. If you are looking to protect your summer clothes during the cold winter months, contact Northwest Self Storage for self storage in Washington and self storage in Oregon. We would love to help with all of your seasonal storage needs.  

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