The End of the Oregon Trail, the Beginning of Pioneer History

A covered wagon, like ones used on the Oregon Trail, sits empty with a gorgeous landscape behind it.

Whether you’re a newcomer or lifelong resident, Oregon City, OR offers plenty of exciting ways to celebrate our municipal and regional history. Commemorate the area’s past at these fascinating sites while maintaining memories of your own life story with help from clean and convenient self storage.

Barclay House and McLoughlin House

The homes of two key figures in Oregon’s history, Dr. John McLaughlin and Dr. Forbes Barclay, stand as Oregon City historic sites today. The former housed the settler known as the ‘Father of Oregon,’ a superintendent for the British Hudson’s Bay Company and founder of Fort Vancouver. The latter was home to Oregon’s first coroner who was also a key figure in the early days of Oregon City, OR. Whether you’re active in the community, busy building a career, maintaining a hectic household, or all of the above, you’re writing your own stories in the footsteps of these hometown pioneers. Consider safeguarding keepsakes and other symbols of your personal history in one of our storage units.

End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

This interactive museum brings to life the joys and struggles of pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Guides tell intriguing tales of settlers’ daily existences while kids stay engaged with activities like doll and candle making. Both visual and hands-on exhibits involve visitors in the story of how the area was settled. Preserve your own history and embark on new adventures inspired by these intrepid explorers. A local storage unit is the perfect place to start your journey.

Museum of the Oregon Territory

This museum provides real insight into the local history of European settlers and Native Americans. From quilts and wedding dresses to authentic reproductions of a pharmacy and a general store, exhibits here are thoughtfully produced and displayed. Learn about the place and effects of mills and industrialization, and find out more about the area during World War II. Adults and children will have no problem spending hours here, and admission is affordable. Think about using a local storage unit to save those special mementos from events that have impacted you over the years.

Oregon City, OR boasts a rich and storied past. Make new memories in our beautiful little city with its stunning views and lively downtown. But be sure to keep the past alive and well with help from Northwest Self Storage.

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A covered wagon, like ones used on the Oregon Trail, sits empty with a gorgeous landscape behind it.
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