Ten Tips to Go Green in Redmond, OR

person hugging tree in lush wooded area

Here in the Hub, we’re proud to be ranked as one of the 50 greenest areas in the nation. Everybody does their part from using rain barrel irrigation systems to parking energy-eating appliances in storage units. Redmond, OR is the perfect place for an eco-friendly lifestyle when you use sustainable strategies for going green.

Ten Eco-Friendly Tips:

1. Be an Energy-Saving Star

As you retire old appliances to nearby self storage, replace them with efficient Energy Star models that help hold down utility bills.

2. Switch Out Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs only use a quarter of the energy burned up by incandescent bulbs. Switching out bulbs is sustainable and saves you money in the long run.

3. Program Your Temperature

A programmable thermostat keeps the family from playing spin-the-dial while it helps control energy consumption and cost.

4. Fan Winter Warmth

Hot air rises, so turn on ceiling fans during the winter to redistribute warm air throughout the house. Run them on low speed with clockwise rotation.

5. Microwave More Meals

These countertop cookers aren’t glamorous, but they only use 20 percent of the energy burned up in a conventional stove.

6. Save Those Leftovers

Think of kitchen scraps as top-tier ingredients for composting recipes. Turn leftovers into garden mulch with compost pails or bio bags.

7. Clean With a Green Attitude

Help preserve Oregon’s fresh air by cutting back on chemical cleaners. Eco-friendly vinegar and baking soda take the work out of most household chores while keeping your family and pets safe from ingesting dangerous chemicals.

8. Block Bugs Without Poisons

Save yourself and the environment from toxic pesticides. Make your own bug-busting sprays with garlic oil or chopped tomato leaf.

9. Pamper Your Indoor Air Quality

House plants add natural good looks to your home while they filter out impurities that compromise indoor air quality.

10. Nurture a Native Landscape

Native plants and flowers thrive, even with less effort or care. Make your landscape more sustainable with coyote brush, red columbine, and deer fern.

Keeping Central Oregon Green

Living green keeps the heart of central Oregon naturally beautiful. Northwest Self Storage joins you in doing all that we can to sustain our environment and ensure its good health with climate-controlled self storage for Redmond, OR natives and folks across Deschutes County.


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person hugging tree in lush wooded area
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